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Executive Search for Consumer Electronics, Furniture, and Furnishing

We offer many years of industry expertise in the consumer electronics, furniture, and furnishing sectors. As experienced Executive Search Consultants, we know your market, your customers, and competitors as well as the specific requirements of your environment. Every partner at DELTACON has a successful management career - in your industry. With our direct search approach, we identify the appropriate candidates and address them specifically to inspire them to change.

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Executive Search Consultant Marcus Christopher Schulz

DELTACON Vienna specializes in consumer electronics, furniture, furnishings, and lighting. We support our clients in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland in filling positions in management and of essential specialists. We advise our clients, optimize the job description, and identify suitable candidates in a short time using direct search, network, and database research. DELTACON stands for industry expertise, highest quality, reliability and guarantee, methodological competence, and performance-based remuneration.

Industry expertise

Marcus Christopher Schulz manages DELTACON Vienna. The core industries are furniture, furnishings, and lighting, as well as consumer electronics, photo, and electronics. From here, we serve the entire German-speaking area and the neighboring countries. With more than 30 years of industry expertise, including 12 years as managing director, Mr. Schulz knows your markets and the challenges you face every day.

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Direct Search

The most suitable candidates are no longer found through ads. It is more likely that they are actively identified and addressed in the market. Every recruitment effort is newly set up as direct search project. With target company lists, identified candidates are initially approached and collected in multi-stage interviews. In this way, we find the candidates with the perfect fit for the vacant position and inspire them to change.


Methodological competence

We analyze the value system of our clients and candidates, especially on leadership culture. The degree of correspondence with the agreed candidate profile of our clients and the profiles of the candidates is measured using our “PURE” diagnostic concept. After intensive examination of the candidates' documents, we use state-of-the-art diagnostic tools. Our DELTACON profiling, cultural due diligence, and review of references ensure the optimal candidate FIT.

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We present suitable candidates only. Over 90 % of all positions are filled in 6-8 weeks. For all others, we continue to search until the appropriate candidate is found. If a candidate actively leaves your company in the probationary period, we repeat the search once without requesting another fee. Of course, all employees of our clients are protected from being addressed by our “don't-touch guarantee.”


Performance-based remuneration

Successful hiring is our highest goal, and so our fee is success-dependent. After commissioning, a deposit initiates the search. After the successful presentation of at least three optimally suitable candidates and their invitation to a personal interview with you, a further installment is due. The remaining payment is due after the employment contract is signed - transparent and without additional costs. Travel expenses are only charged as per receipt.

Personalberater Marcus Christopher Schulz

Executive Search Consultant Marcus Christopher Schulz
+43 1 9438183

Marcus Christopher Schulz is Managing Director of DELTACON Executive Search & Recruiting GmbH and manages the office in Vienna. He has successfully worked in national and international management positions in sales for more than 30 years. Of which, 12 years as managing director and country manager in international consumer electronics and design furniture companies.

“Having motivated employees in the team is the cornerstone of success. Leaving positions vacant or filled incorrectly may cause severe damage. Finding the most suitable candidates for my clients and thus supporting business success is my top priority!”

Our industry sectors at a glance

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Executive Search Consulting - consumer electronics

Executive Search Consulting - furniture

Executive Search Consulting - furnishings

We are your reliable partner in the following sectors:

Consumer electronics with classic consumer electronics (brown goods), electrical household appliances (white goods), small electrical appliances, photo, lighting, electronics accessories, and installation materials, IT hardware

Furniture and furnishings with design and home furniture, office furniture, system furniture and furnishings, large furniture, brand furniture and flat-pack furniture, kitchens, small furniture, and home accessories

Lighting of offices and workplaces as well as private indoor and outdoor living

Questions & Answers

Personalberater Marcus Christopher Schulz

Executive Search Consultant Marcus Christopher Schulz
+43 1 9438183

Marcus Christopher Schulz has successfully worked in national and international management positions in sales for more than 30 years. Of which, 12 years in executive management in international groups of the consumer electronics and furnishings sectors. Today, he has personal contacts to countless top candidates. Use this expertise and the network to find the greatest talents for your company.