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HR consultancy DELTACON Köln GmbH Executive Search & Recruiting specializes in filling demanding positions in the media, advertising, and digital sectors. With more than 22 years of experience in these sectors, we know your market, your customers, and competitors as well as the specific requirements of your environment. With our direct search approach, we identify the appropriate candidates and address them specifically to inspire them to change. Our approach is direct search - this is the only way to ensure the successful and fast filling of positions of our clients with the best candidates in a narrow personnel market.

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HR Consultant Oliver Hohmann

We support our clients primarily in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland in filling management positions, but also in finding specialists. An integrated approach is critical: We take the time to fully understand the specifics of the client in the internal and external context, optimize the position description, and identify suitable candidates in a short time using direct search, network, and database research. DELTACON stands for industry expertise, highest quality, guaranteed fit of the presented candidates, and speed up to the presentation of suitable candidates, methodical competence as well as a performance-related fee.

Industry expertise

Each partner at DELTACON is responsible for their industry competence center, for which, due to his professional career, he has in-depth knowledge of the industries and markets and the specific challenges of the clients. This allows us to optimally advise our clients and quickly fill vacancies for specialists and executives with suitable candidates.HR consulting for the media, advertising, and digital sectors

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Direct search

Direct Search is the most appropriate way to find - for companies mostly anonymous - the perfect candidates for filling positions for specialists and executives. Based on a detailed briefing, we create a requirement profile for the vacant position together with our client. We often already have suitable, pre-selected candidates in our extensive talent pool, which we can address directly and quickly. Beyond that, we compile a list of target companies, and a don't-touch list of companies/competitors and candidates that cannot be addressed together with the client.


Methodological competence

In addition to an intensive personal examination of candidates' documents as well as interviews and reference reviews, we use various scientific diagnostic tools for objective candidate evaluation. The focus here is on the assessment of leadership and management skills, value systems, operational and strategic excellence, and cultural fit. Using these modern digital diagnostic instruments, we find the not only subjectively but also objectively perfect candidate with the best match with the requirements profile developed together with the client.

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We only accept mandates that we can fill quickly and easily with perfect candidates! We manage to fill over 90 % of jobs within 6-8 weeks. However, we are always searching, until we find the best candidate for your company and you hire him. Should the new hire not be a good fit despite the intensive evaluation, we repeat the search without requesting another fee. Of course, we do not undertake to address employees of our clients within the scope of direct search mandates.


Performance-based remuneration

We see ourselves as a fair and trusting partner of our clients and accept only mandates that we can fill. Thus, we can offer our client a fair, performance-based fee model. After a deposit to start the search, further payments will be charged only upon presentation of the shortlist of suitable candidates and subsequently after hiring the candidate.

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HR Consultant Oliver Hohmann
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Oliver Hohmann is Managing Director of DELTACON Köln GmbH Executive Search & Recruiting and is responsible for the Media, Advertising & Digital Competence Center. He has more than 22 years of experience in the international digital, media, and advertising sectors.

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We are your reliable partner in the following sectors:

Electronic media: Radio, TV, Internet, cinema, audio/video producers and distributors, media carrier manufacturing, etc.

Print media: Newspapers, magazines, directory media, advertising papers, printers, etc.

Advertising: Advertising/communications/PR/IR agencies. Media agencies. Market and opinion research. Advertising medium. Marketers

Digital industry: Internet/digital agencies. Digital marketers. Advertising networks. Adtech companies. Social networks. Gaming

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HR Consulting Oliver Hohmann
+49 221 986 54 452

Oliver Hohmann is Managing Director of DELTACON Köln GmbH Executive Search & Recruiting and is responsible for the Media, Advertising & Digital Competence Center. He has more than 22 years of experience in the international digital, media, and advertising sectors.