Executive Search for Media, Advertising & Digital

Executive Search for Media, Advertising & Digital

Executive Search Consultancy DELTACON Köln GmbH Executive Search & Recruiting specializes in filling demanding positions in the media, advertising, and digital sectors. With more than 22 years of experience in these sectors, we know your market, your customers, and competitors as well as the specific requirements of your environment. With our direct search approach, we identify the appropriate candidates and address them specifically to inspire them to change. Our approach is direct search - this is the only way to ensure the successful and fast filling of positions of our clients with the best candidates in a narrow personnel market.

We support our clients primarily in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland in filling management positions, but also in finding specialists. An integrated approach is critical: We take the time to fully understand the specifics of the client in the internal and external context, optimize the position description, and identify suitable candidates in a short time using direct search, network, and database research. DELTACON stands for industry expertise, highest quality, guaranteed fit of the presented candidates, and speed up to the presentation of suitable candidates, methodical competence as well as a performance-related fee.


Oliver Hohmann

Executive Search Consultant for Media, Advertising & Digital

+49 (0) 221-98654452

Oliver Hohmann is Managing Partner and Managing Director of DELTACON Cologne GmbH Executive Search & Recruiting. Within the DELTACON Group, he is responsible for the Competence Center Media, Advertising & Digital. As an experienced expert who has worked in the media and digital industry for 23 years himself, Oliver Hohmann speaks the language of his clients.



Industry expertise

Direct Search

Methodological competence


Performance-based remuneration


Each partner at DELTACON is responsible for their industry competence center, for which, due to his professional career, he has in-depth knowledge of the industries and markets and the specific challenges of the clients. This allows us to optimally advise our clients and quickly fill vacancies for specialists and executives with suitable candidates. Executive Search Consulting for the media, advertising, and digital sectors.


Direct Search

Passive candidate search through ads has been increasingly unsuccessful for years. The interesting candidates must be actively identified, and purposefully approached to inspire them to change. Therefore, every recruitment effort is newly set up as direct search project: Target company list, identification, first contact, interviews - that's how we find the best candidates.



We use our “PURE” diagnostic concept for the perfect profile job match. The result is the degree of correspondence between the candidate profile of our clients and the profiles of the candidates. We intensively examine the candidates' documents and use state-of-the-art diagnostic tools: Psychometric Profiling and cultural due diligence, complemented by personally collected references using a professional questionnaire. The focus of the candidate evaluation is on leadership and management skills, value systems, and operational as well as strategic excellence.

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All accepted contracts are fulfilled: Over 90 % within the agreed time of 6-8 weeks - for the remaining almost 10 % applies: we are looking for until the position is filled! Active departures of our recruited candidates within the probationary period are infrequent. It is then quite clear that we repeat the search once without requesting another fee. Of course, the employees of our clients are protected with our don't-touch guarantee!



Our fee is two-thirds success-based! When commissioned by our clients, we charge a deposit, which initiates the search. A second installment is only due when we present the audited and most suitable candidates in the shortlist. The last installment is due after an employment contract is signed.




Executive Search & Recruiting for the media industry


Executive Search & Recruiting for the advertising industry


Executive Search & Recruiting for the digital industry


Electronic media: Radio, TV, Internet, cinema, audio/video producers and distributors, media carrier manufacturing, etc.

Print media: Newspapers, magazines, directory media, advertising papers, printers, etc.

Advertising: Advertising/communications/PR/IR agencies. Media agencies. Market and opinion research. Advertising medium. Marketers

Digital industry: Internet/digital agencies. Digital marketers. Advertising networks. Adtech companies. Social networks. Gaming


Why is DELTACON the perfect personnel consultancy for the Media, Advertising and Digital industry?

We stand for a year-long and sound industry expertise, an ideal candidate network and a wide talent pool. At DELTACON, we stand for One Face to the Customer - your candidate search is handeld by onme dedicated DELTACON Partner. We focus on scientific instruments to come to an objective and reliable candidate evaluation. Using these modern digital diagnosis instruments we do not only find the best candidate from a personal point of view, but we find the objective perfect match to thhe company’s requirements. Hence we can guarantee our clients a fast and sucessfull placement of candidates.

What is the difference between a headhunter and an HR consultant?

Executive Search (synonyms are Headhunting or Retained Search) is a method used to find the most suitable professional for a specific role whether they are openly looking for a new challenge or not. When a company has a vacancy to be filled, they normally task a recruitment company with finding a suitable individual to take up the challenge. "Active" jobseekers are easy to find. They are actively applying to roles, contacting recruitment companies or posting their CV onto job boards. With that approach clients are missing out on large numbers of suitable candidates.

The Executive Search professionals take a different approach to their task, in that they look for the best individual for the role and approach them directly, rather than waiting for them to approach the recruiter. It is very common for the most suitable individual to already have a role, so it's a case of finding them. As such executive search agents target the “grey area” of the market i.e. people who are not actively looking for jobs but when presented with an opportunity may move. We estimate this is somewhere around 80% of the workforce and when we find these candidates, we find out that they are not registered with recruitment agents or actively interviewing anywhere. They are a great pool of candidates.

The other major difference with Executive Search recruitment is the way the consultancy works alongside the client. Executive Search is a more resource intensive approach and gives the client a thorough understanding of what they will need for the role, the landscape of the role and skill sets in question, the type of people they can expect to entice as well as a managed timeline for the whole project. With many of our clients we are advising them at board level who the best candidate is, for a certain role.

Although Executive Search can be used on any vacancy, it is usually reserved for senior appointments, strategic hires and roles that are hard to fill.

What warranty or guarantee does DELTACON provide its clients?

The DELTACON terms and conditions include the following warranty clause:

In the event that the candidate leaves the employment of the client, from the position which he was originally appointed to, within the probation period (max. six months) DELTACON will reactivate the assignment once at no additional cost, except for travel costs, out-of-pocket expenses and costs incurred by the candidate.

What is the short-list of an Executive Search Consultant?

The short-list is a list of preferable candidates (very often 3-5 candidates) that have been selected throughout the recruiting process by the Executive Search Consultant for final consideration and presentation to his client.

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