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Executive Search Consultant Olaf Kammerer in Nuremberg


Olaf Kammerer

Executive Search Consultant for electrical engineering, automation and electronics

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Olaf Kammerer is Managing Director of DELTACON Nuremberg GmbH Executive Search and is responsible with his team for the electrical engineering, automation and electronics sectors. He boasts over ten years of operational management experience as a commercial managing director and sales manager in his industries.

Olaf Kammerer is Managing Director of DELTACON Nuremberg GmbH Executive Search and heads the Nuremberg office. In his Competence Center, he supports companies from the electrical engineering, automation and electronics industries with a focus on Germany, Austria and Switzerland in successfully filling C-level positions on the board of directors, in management, but also at the second management level. Olaf Kammerer has many years of operational industry expertise as a managing director and sales manager in electrical engineering. Since 2018, he has filled numerous vacancies in sales, marketing, finance, development and HR. He knows the products, markets and competitors of his clients and is therefore able to identify the best candidates very quickly via classic direct search as well as his excellent network, to address them at eye level and to inspire them for his clients.


Olaf Kammerer was awarded with DELTACON as the best Executive Search Consultancy in Germany!


2022 Awarded by Focus Business magazine as top executive search provider in the field of executive search

2021 Awarded by Focus Business magazine as top executive search provider in the field of executive search

Why was DELTACON selected and awarded by Focus Business as one of the best Executive Search Consultancies? The consultants work quickly, thoroughly, absolutely discreetly and with extremely high quality standards. And with its PURE concept, DELTACON provides its clients with candidates who have been intensively screened using diagnostic tools. Their candidates fit the client and make their clients more successful. DELTACON creates values.


2020 Award for top consultant in the field of medium-sized businesses. The decisive factor for the award was a customer-oriented and SME-oriented consulting performance.

2019 Headhunter of the Year" award as the best executive search consultancy. The top-class jury was impressed by the clear client and candidate focus as well as the sound methodological competence and deep industry knowledge.

2018 Headhunter of the Year" award for best executive search firm in the Client Experience sector

Important stations


2018 until today

DELTACON Executive Search

Managing Director
Managing Director of DELTACON Nuremberg GmbH Executive Search and Head of the Competence Center Electrical Engineering, Automation and Electronics. Part of the DELTACON Group with eleven partners at eleven locations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and over 25 industries served.


2020 until 2022

Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, Wirtschafts- und Sozialwissenschaftliche Fakultät

MBA Business Management
Part-time Master of Business Administration. Master thesis „Success Factors in Executive Search“, Department of International Management, Prof. Dr. Dirk Holtbrügge


until 2018

SBA-TrafoTech GmbH

Sales Manager and Member of the Executive Board
Sales manager with P&L responsibility as well as management of the office and field sales force and the development department. Restructuring and transformation of the sales organization and product portfolio.


until 2015

LEBER Ingenieure / Systemtechnik LEBER GmbH & Co. KG

Commercial Managing Director
Overall commercial responsibility for sales & marketing, finance and HR. Tripling of sales and new establishment of the business field of electronics development services. Establishment and further development of a powerful development team consisting of project managers, system architects and system engineers.


until 2006

DC Advisory

M&A consulting
Advising private equity firms as well as corporate groups on national and international mergers and acquisitions as well as debt advisory until 2006.


until 2003

Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg, Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences

Study of International Business Administration
Focus: Banking and Stock Exchange, International Business Administration. Stay abroad in Valencia, Spain. Graduation as International Diplom-Kaufmann, diploma thesis at the Chair of Banking and Stock Exchange Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Gerke.

Industry focus of Olaf Kammerer


Executive Search Consulting electrical engineering

Electrical engineering is one of the key industrial sectors in Germany and covers topics ranging from information technology, energy technology and network technology to medical technology and microelectronics. As a cross-sectional technology, it touches not only the classic areas of application but also a large number of topics that are crucial for our future: from e-mobility and renewable energies to digital security. With our industry expertise, we find the right candidates who not only have the necessary technical know-how, but also the foresight to proactively address the issues of the future.


Executive Search Consulting automation technology

For many years, we have been looking after demanding projects in automation technology in the Executive Search Consulting Nuremberg. Among them we count clients in the field of connectors, sensor technology, control technology and industrial communication as well as power supply systems. This industry is characterized by a leading global position with a high number of hidden champions. We at DELTACON are the ideal partner in automation technology because we specifically identify the candidates we are looking for and address them at eye level.


Executive Search Consulting electronics

The electronics sector is also part of our core competence. This includes component manufacturers of active and passive components as well as distributors through to electronic manufacturing services (EMS) service providers. This industry is characterized by a high degree of innovation, technical competence as well as high-performance sales structures. As industry insiders, we know the requirements for candidates on the one hand and can confidently assess whether the candidate will deliver the desired added value to our companies.

Frequently asked questions to Olaf Kammerer

What role does a supervisory or advisory board play in filling management positions?

This question can be answered very easily: a very important role. Often, one of the main tasks of the supervisory board or advisory board is to appoint the management board of a stock corporation or the management of a limited liability company. The positions on the 2nd and 3rd management level are only filled with the involvement of the supervisory board or advisory board in rarer cases. Often, the members of the supervisory or advisory board do not have the professional background or the capacities to conduct the usually very time-consuming search for board members or managing directors themselves and then resort to Executive Search Consultancies such as DELTACON Executive Search in order to ensure a transparent, fast and objective appointment process.

Why do recruitment agencies often not name the company they are looking for?

Candidates are often surprised that an Executive Search Consultancy does not directly mention the name of its client in the first approach or in the first telephone call, although this has a very relevant, sometimes even decisive meaning for the candidates. One of the main reasons is that this is a covert search, i.e. neither the current job holder, nor competitors, nor clients should be made aware that the vacancy - and often these are C-level management positions - is being filled. However, the executive search firm will outline the area of responsibility in sufficient detail so that candidates can get an idea of whether they want to continue the application process. This includes, in addition to the industry, the essential tasks, of course, the approximate region of the duty station. In a serious staffing process, the name of the company is mentioned at the latest before or during the second interview; in the case of very confidential positions, the signing of a non-disclosure agreement still precedes this.

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