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Executive Search Münster

The Münster Executive Search location is run under the leadership of food professional Dirk Aaron Bohl. The managing partner supports his clients as an executive search expert in filling C-level positions as well as managing directors and specialised executives. As an executive profiler, Dirk Aaron Bohl fills vacancies with C-levels and managing directors in Germany, Austria and Switzerland as well as the entire EU. Using a combination of professional direct search methodology, scientifically based cultural diagnostics and executive profiling, he is regarded as a “secret weapon” for C-level positions. Using tools such as cultural due diligence, 9 LEVELS of Value Systems or psychometric strength profile with C-level skills and leadership competences in combination with a portion of knowledge of human nature and tact in dealing with people, he has laid the foundation for a long and successful executive search.

DELTACON Münster Executive Search stands for cultural fit, industry know-how, direct search and executive profiling. As a proven expert in the food & beverage, food service, food retail and FMCG industries, he guarantees the perfect fit of high-calibre top managers to your corporate culture. Whether it involves the appointment of new managing directors and especially in company succession, the cultural fit with your corporate culture is the all-important factor.


DELTACON Executive Search is located in Münster. The “cosmopolitan city with a big heart” enjoys an excellent reputation worldwide in the fields of science, research and medicine as well as logistics and mechanical engineering, and is nestled between renowned food-producing companies. With its excellent infrastructure, an airport, one of the largest universities in Germany and one of the most renowned university clinics in the nation, its diverse top-class cultural and dining venues and an extremely charming surrounding area, Münster is one of the most attractive and liveable cities in Germany. Münster is a positive example of a symbiosis of art and science, tradition and innovative, dynamic lifestyle. Based on a tradition-rich foundation of sustainably developed lifestyle and culture, powered by approx. 60,000 students annually, Münster has developed into a sought-after location. With the highest level of quality of life worldwide, people can sense the agility, an openness and mutual respect between the different generations. This pulsating, positive environment, the future-oriented visions based on tradition steeped in history, offers an ideal platform for our Executive Search Consultancy, DELTACON Münster Executive Search.

Your advantages with Executive Search Consulting Münster

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Industry and Management experience

We are your sparring partner and work with you on an equal footing. We know your markets, trends and competitors from our own many years of management experience. Thanks to our long-standing network, we have direct access to high-calibre decision-makers and top candidates. We represent trust, competence and sustainability. In our operational executive positions we have learned how essential the cultural fit is for CEO or managing director positions. That is why DELTACON Executive Search Münster also focuses on the ideal cultural fit in addition to the C-level skills that are of relevance today. The DELTACON methodology combines cultural diagnostics with executive profiling. In doing so, we guarantee candid and objective feedback. We work quickly, thoroughly, reliably, absolutely discreetly and maintain the highest quality standards.

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Methodological competence

Changing business parameters for companies, incalculable geopolitical influences, new technologies as well as modern expectations of the new generation demand holistic and sustainable search concepts. In the Executive Search Consultancy Münster Executive Search we utilise our modern diagnostic concept “PURE”. PURE encompasses: Perfect Fit, Unique Corporate Culture, Relevant C-Level Skills and Executive Profiling. We ensure an ideal cultural fit by maintaining transparency in the corporate culture and personality profiles of our candidates. Our science-based diagnostic tools include cultural due diligence, executive profiling, the identification of today´s relevant C-level skills, including core competencies as well as multi-stage personal face-to-face interviews. In the cultural diagnostic process, corporate culture and value systems as well as the company´s leadership culture are thoroughly examined and made fully transparent. By using our executive profiling, we capture the personality profile of candidates holistically: we analyse leadership style, preferred leadership characteristics, cognitive abilities and relevant management skills. Competency-based interviews provide a psychometric profile of strengths. Using our Executive Matching, we measure the degree of the match between the target profile of our clients and the profiles of our candidates. Thanks to our DELTACON methodology, we not only generate candidates from our target companies, but also provide top managers with an ideal cultural fit.

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Direct Search

In our capacity as a multi-award-winning executive search expert, we rely on a “state of the art” direct search for our high-profile assignments. Often our exclusive Direct Search is also conducted covertly and very discreetly. By combining our industry expertise with DELTACON´s executive search methodology, we find the candidates with the perfect fit: drawing up a coordinated target company list, taking cultural aspects into account and identifying the most suitable candidates. Expertise, trust and a qualified initial contact eye to eye guarantee a high level of interest on the part of the candidates for the new challenge. In our experience, this active and personal approach by the Managing Partner regularly leads to excellent results: We will deliver the most suitable and most value-oriented candidates to you on a silver platter!

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Branch focus of the Executive Search Consultancy Münster:

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Executive Search Consulting – Food Industry

Executive Search Consulting Münster Executive Search handles challenging recruitment projects in all areas of the food industry. Our special expertise lies in the search for and placement of CEO´s and managing directors as well as high-calibre specialists. We create business value – which is why our methodology has also proven itself particularly successful in regard to corporate succession.
Our focus is on the food industry, consumer goods, FMCG, brand products, private label and food retail. We understand the supply chain and the value chain; we are familiar with all business phases and have been involved in numerous projects in change management, transformation and post-merger integration. Our know-how is complemented by an in-depth understanding of brand and private labels. Our spectrum covers the entire food sector coupled with special expertise in bread and bakery products, meat, sausage, poultry, milk and dairy products, chocolate, coffee, spices, flavourings and food ingredients as well as baby food, food supplements and health ingredients. Our clients include medium-sized companies, food retailers, start-ups, private equity and investors as well as major international groups and public limited companies. DELTACON Münster Executive Search is your ideal partner in B2B and B2C. As a result of our industry expertise, we understand the needs and expectations of our clients and provide you with high-calibre candidates with an ideal cultural fit in a short turnaround time.


Executive Search Consulting Beverage Industry

The Executive Search Consultancy Münster Executive Search also handles challenging recruitment projects in all area of the beverage industry. Our special expertise lies in the search and staffing of CEOs and managing directors as well as high-calibre specialists. We create value – which is why our methodology has also proven itself particularly successful in regard to corporate succession.
In this context, we cover the supply chain and the value chain in B2B & B2C. Our industry expertise extends to the following product categories: Hot beverages, cold beverages, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and milk-based mixed beverages. This industry sector is particularly characterised by substantial structural changes and is also confronted by rapidly changing consumer trends. The concentration process of recent years also makes it necessary for the right managers to take on responsibility in their companies at the right time. We have committed ourselves to providing you with high-calibre candidates in the respective market segments who bring the ideal cultural fit to your corporate culture and who perform their leadership tasks with a strong personality and by setting an example, especially in change processes and transformation phases.

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Executive Search Consulting for the Food Service Industry

Executive Search Consulting Münster Executive Search handles challenging recruitment projects in all area of the food service industry and spans all channels of the take-away market. Our long-standing expertise includes the following sectors: Food manufacturers B2B, System caterers, hospitality, fast food and chain system catering, delivery specialist wholesalers, food chain stores, food convenience, delivery service and home delivery as well as vending, operating and OCS companies. Our special expertise lies in the search for and placement of CEO´s and managing directors as well as high-calibre specialists.
We create value – which is why our methodology has also proven particularly successful in the service industry. We have made it our business to provide you with high-calibre candidates in these challenging segments with distinct customer orientation as well as a high commitment to service. It is especially in this segment that corporate culture, leadership culture and understanding values are the decisive factors for success. Only a combination of cultural fit and management competence leads to sustainable corporate development. We ensure this by applying our DELTACON Direct Search methodology in combination with executive profiling.

These customers are totally satisfied with us


“Mr. Bohl´s service is exceptionally good and he supports both companies and candidates very professionally while maintaining a target-oriented approach. Particularly noteworthy is Mr. Bohl´s strategic and flexible manner of working that guarantees maximum transparency at every stage of the search or application process. Dirk Aaron Bohl´s distinctive methodological competence combined with his industry know-how ensures an excellent fit between candidate and corporate culture.”

Dr. Michael P. Witzak, CEO, RONDO Burgdorf AG


“A high level of professionalism during the selection interviews. Open and honest face-to-face feedback discussions. Dirk Aaron Bohl shows a sustained interest in the candidates and pursues the goal of achieving an ideal fit with the corporate culture as well as an ideal match between job profile and candidate profile. He only provides shortlisted candidates who best match the cultural fit! Within the circle of numerous headhunters and Executive Search Consultants, I can definitely describe Dirk Aaron Bohl as a truly exemplary executive profiler who lives and breathes sound, value-oriented Executive Search Consulting with a passion for his work.”

Robert André de la Porte, Regional Sales Director Europe&North Africa, R.STAHL AG

How to find us

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Our industry expertise at our Münster location

Our Münster location focuses on the food industry, food retail, the FMCG food brand and private label, food service, food ingredients and the beverage industry. We are proven experts in executive search, direct search and executive profiling. In addition, we would be delighted to be your first point of contact in Münster for the services of DELTACON Executive Search in other industry sectors.

Frequently asked questions about Executive Search in Münster

Why is DELTACON Münster Executive Search the best Executive Search Consultancy for the food industry?

Successful Executive Search Consulting for our discerning clients requires profound industry expertise and insider knowledge. This includes knowledge of the industry´s specific requirements, trends, challenges and risks as well as an in-depth insight into our competitors and the most important platforms and players. However, access to the key decision-makers and company owners is equally essential. It is also crucial to know where to find the ideal candidates and how to approach them. The only prerequisite for identifying the relevant target companies is the right intuition, industry insights into the respective corporate culture of the relevant players, combined with sound insider knowledge of the current corporate situation as well as long-term strategies. This is the basis for a trusting and discreet face-to-face approach to candidates, and this can only be achieved through our own management and industry experience. We know where to find the genuine top candidates, how to identify them and how to address them in a professional manner at eye level. This is the only way we can win over these top candidates for a new challenge and motivate them to make the switch. Dirk Aaron Bohl, Managing Partner of DELTACON Münster Executive Search, was an active operational manager in management and executive functions for more than 20 years and therefore knows the challenges of these markets - as a manager and employer, as a candidate and as a Executive Search Consultant with professional direct search methodology. He combines executive search expertise with executive profiling and cultural diagnostics to ensure an ideal cultural fit.

What does executive profiling mean?

Executive profiling is an excellent instrument for making the personality profile of an executive manager as transparent as possible. Executive profiling focuses on two areas: on the one hand, the professional setting and private life circumstances and on the other hand, the complete personality profile that includes a person´s life goals, values and behavioural characteristics. In this case, the diagnostic methodology of personality analysis is merged with professional executive search methodology. Subsequently, the ideal fit of the executive manager, i.e. the degree of compliance with the target profile of the position as well as the fit with the corporate culture, are compared. Hereby, essential elements of the executive manager are examined: personal value systems, C-level skills and competence clusters, essential leadership skills, intrinsic motivation and life goals as well as a psychometric strengths profile. At DELTACON Executive Search, executive profiling is an elementary component of cultural diagnostics. This ensures the cultural fit of a candidate to the corporate culture.

Why is Direct Search the best method when it comes to Executive Search?

Thanks to our in-depth industry know-how, we have access to almost 100% of the target companies and the complete candidate pool. With our operational management experience, we have direct access to the relevant top decision-makers and company owners. We then have to actively identify and target more than 80% of all candidates to get them excited about making the switch. Response rates on the social media platforms of only 40% on average for relevant candidates speak for themselves, and that means that 60% of potential TOP candidates are not being reached. Therefore, every direct recruitment project is “set up” anew: The corporate culture and corporate values are determined in order to build the platform for a cultural fit, before the direct approach. This is followed by: the creation of a position description and comparing it with the specific internal requirements; drawing up an ideal profile of a candidate, a so-called “avatar” with all the relevant personality traits; reconciling this with a target company list of eligible candidates; targeted identification of suitable candidates based on precisely defined criteria analogous to the requirement profile; initial contacts to the candidates by telephone by the Managing Director and multi-stage structured interviews. This includes telephone interviews and personal face-to-face interviews as well as competence-based interviews and personally obtaining of references – this is how we find the best and most suitable candidates.

How do I find a CEO with an ideal cultural fit?

The ideal cultural fit of a CEO starts before the actual search process by conducting cultural due diligence. The more intensive the preparatory work within the framework of cultural due diligence, the closer the perfect fit of the ideal candidate to the corporate culture. Of course, this presupposes the willingness of the owners or the board of management to be open. The following areas are analysed and made transparent: the currently existing corporate culture, the value systems actually practised, the leadership culture as well as the leadership style of the individual board members and the personality profile of the direct supervisor. Based on this insight, a picture of the ideal candidate is drawn up with a TARGET profile which identifies the essential criteria that constitute the candidate´s perfect fit.
The next step is the actual search process, which is often started as a direct recruitment process with a covert search. We create a customised requirements profile that is individually tailored to your vacancy and your corporate culture. The following aspects, among others, form the basis: cultural aspects, values and motivation, leadership style as well as the C-level skills which are relevant today. The C-level skills are defined in advance via so-called critical competence clusters. A psychometric profile of strengths is drawn up, which includes the following aspects: cognitive characteristics, thought patterns, problem-solving skills, agility, resilience, sales skills, leadership skills, general management skills as well as important areas of interest that reflect a candidate´s basic motivation.
In executive profiling, special focus is placed on the degree of the match between the ACTUAL profile and the TARGET profile, where the candidate fits particularly well or in which areas there are deviations. Complementary and sub-elementary characteristics are also included in the matching process in order to consolidate existing structure, harmonise polarising structures and anticipate future developments with the appropriate setting of values.

Why is Executive Coaching so important for top managers?

The term executive coaching entails a regular meeting of a top manager with his or her coach in the context of developing his or her leadership potential or in strategic career planning in the context of professional development. The higher a manager climbs up the career ladder, the lonelier it gets at the top. A confidential exchange about one´s intimate thoughts and impressions among colleagues is almost impossible. This is where a professional executive coach can provide valuable support. With neutral, honest and politically unbiased truths, he/she can give tough and sometimes uncomfortable feedback. When filling executive positions, the elements of executive coaching can also be combined with those of executive profiling to ensure an ideal fit of the top manager to the corporate culture.
Especially in the case of major change processes, incalculable geopolitical influences or crises, it becomes increasingly apparent that top managers show deficits in their leadership behaviour, e.g. a lack a of a role model function, a lack of appreciation towards his or her team or a lack of competence in crisis management. Often it also becomes apparent that the top manager simply operates in an environment that does not match his or her personality profile. These aspects are always highlighted in professional executive coaching.

The most important goals of executive coaching lie in 5 areas:
- The possibility to reflect on perspectives and thinking errors
- Highlighting of value systems incl. self-image and external image
- Determination of basic motivation or life goals as well as preferred behaviour characteristics
- Creation of a psychometric strengths profile
- Identification of options for action
This joint reflection can lead to clarity about the corporate environment in which the coachee feel s particularly comfortable. Whether also he or she can fully develop his or her potential in the current situation. If there is no clear positive statement for the current environment, it is important to think about options for action.