Executive Search & Recruiting Münster

The personnel consultancy in Münster stands for the sectors of consumer goods in the food and beverage industry, food ingredients, health ingredients and food service.

The location Münster is headed by our managing director Dirk Aaron Bohl. He supports his clients as HR consultant in all European countries in filling management positions and specialists. He advises his clients on the composition of the management team as well as on the optimization of the job description and identifies with his team the best candidates through a professional Direct Search, our network as well as our own database search in a short time.

DELTACON Executive Search stands for industry know-how, highest quality, reliability and guarantee.

The city of Münster enjoys a good reputation worldwide in the fields of science, research and medicine as well as logistics and mechanical engineering and lies embedded between renowned food-producing companies. Münster is one of the most attractive and livable cities in Germany, with its excellent infrastructure, an airport, one of the largest universities in Germany, one of the most renowned university clinics, its diverse cultural and gastronomic facilities of the top class as well as an extremely attractive surrounding. The symbiosis of culture and science, tradition and an innovative, dynamic way of life, driven by about 60,000 students each year, makes Münster a coveted location with the highest standard of living world-wide. This pulsating, positive environment, the future-oriented visions based on historical tradition, provides an ideal platform for our consultancy DELTACON Münster Executive Search & Recruiting, to use this radiance both nationally and internationally.

Dirk Aaron Bohl
+49 251 2373420

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In addition to Münster, the cities of Düsseldorf, Cologne, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Hamburg and Berlin are important locations both on the customers` and on the candidates` side. Naturally, DELTACON´s executive search and recruiting activities span form German speaking countries to Europe and beyond.