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Executive Search Cologne

Your Executive Search & Recruiting partner in Cologne

DELTACON Cologne: The Executive Search consultancy in Cologne for the media, advertising & digital industry.

The office of our Executive Search consultancy in Cologne with its competence center media, advertising & digital is led by our managing partner Oliver Hohmann. As an Executive Search Consultant in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, he supports his clients in filling positions for specialists and executives.

Our clients are media groups, electronic and print media companies, marketers, advertising / communication / digital and media agencies, advertising networks and adtech companies.


DELTACON Executive Search & Recruiting, Cologne, only presents top candidates due to its many years of expertise in direct approach, its methodological competence and proven diagnostic tools. We have a strong network in our industries and supplement this pool of candidates with our direct search approach and intensive database research. DELTACON stands for industry know-how, the highest quality, reliability and extensive guarantees. Our fulfilment rate is 98% - within 6-8 weeks. For these services and our special focus on the cultural fit between candidates and companies, we were recognized as the best Executive Search Consultancy in Germany in the area of executive search.

Cologne has a leading position in Europe in the media industry and is THE TV city. It is the location of important TV and online broadcasters such as RTL, WDR, VOX etc. But Cologne is not only a TV city, but also a radio and cinema city as well as a renowned and successful production location for all types of electronic media. In addition, Cologne is an important location for well-known print and digital publishers.
In the digital industry, a lively start-up scene has established itself in Cologne and has since grown into successful companies. Cologne has thus established itself as a permanent place-to-be in Germany's digital ecosystem, alongside the digital capital Berlin and Hamburg as well as Munich.
In addition to Cologne, the cities of Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Frankfurt and Düsseldorf are important locations for both customers and candidates. In addition, we also support customers in Switzerland and Austria as an Executive Search Consultancy, where we also recruit candidates for German customers

Your advantages with the DELTACON Executive Search Consultancy in Cologne


Industry expertise and management experience

We speak your language, understand your company and your expectations. All Executive Search Consultants at DELTACON have many years of management experience in their industries with a corresponding network and speak to the top candidates on an equal footing. We work quickly, thoroughly, reliably, absolutely discreetly and with very high quality standards. We design the recruiting process to be very transparent: you know where we are in the process every week - an honest status quo report is guaranteed.


Methodological competence

With our "PURE" diagnostic concept, we measure the degree of correspondence between the agreed target profile of our clients and the profiles of our candidates. We use the most modern diagnostic instruments: DELTACON profiling, cultural due diligence and evaluation of references. Our services include multi-stage and face-to-face interviews and and a review of the candidates' documents. With our PURE concept, we not only deliver candidates from the target companies, but also check which of these candidates best suits the client.


Direct Search

More than 80% of all top candidates today have to be identified via a direct search and actively and personally addressed by our Executive Search Consultants in order to inspire them to move to our clients. We find the best candidates by creating a coordinated list of target companies and identifying the most suitable candidates. A qualified initial approach and the implementation of competence-based interviews, supported by sophisticated diagnostic tools, regularly lead to excellent results: A silver platter with the ideal and motivated candidates!

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Industry focus of the Executive Search Consultancy in Cologne

Personalberatung Medien

Executive Search & Recruiting for the media industry

At DELTACON Cologne we oversee demanding projects in all sectors within the media industry such as print media (newspapers, general-interest magazines, special-interest magazines, specialist journals, specialist and general-interest books); Audiovisual media such as TV, cinema, radio, Internet; Storage media (CD, DVE, etc.) and purely digital media such as websites, computer games, e-books, etc. This industry is characterized by the need for substantial digital transformation, innovation and the need to open up new, profitable business areas. We at DELTACON are the ideal partner because, despite intensive testing processes and multi-stage intensive interviews as well as sophisticated aptitude diagnostics, we provide our clients with suitable candidates in a short time.

Personalberatung Werbung

Executive Search & Recruiting for the advertising industry

At DELTACON Cologne we oversee many demanding projects for our clients in the fast-paced and dynamic advertising industry, both for companies / agencies with a focus above-the-line, i.e. print advertising, radio advertising, outdoor advertising, online advertising, TV advertising, cinema advertising, as well as below-the-line (sales promotion, public relations (PR), direct marketing, trade fairs and exhibitions, sponsoring, event marketing and product placement as well as innovative forms of advertising (e.g. guerrilla marketing)). In addition, we have placed a focus on filling vacancies in the field of media agencies.

Personalberatung Digital

Executive Search & Recruiting for the digital industry

DELTACON Cologne has unique expertise and a broad network of specialists and executives in the digital industry and has extensive references to successful projects in the digital industry. At DELTACON Cologne, we oversee numerous projects in the digital industry, for example in the areas of Adtech, advertising networks, digital transformation, paid content / digital subscription, gaming, etc.

How to find us

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Executive Search and Recruiting

Oliver Hohmann
Hohenstaufenring 62

50674 Köln
+49 221-986 544 52


Our industry expertise in Cologne

Our Cologne location is focused on the media, advertising & digital industry. Oliver Hohmann, managing partner of DELTACON Cologne, has more than 22 years of experience in the international digital / media industry, both in the strategic and operational development of digital products, their international roll-out and marketing. In addition, he has a proven track record in the successful establishment / expansion / takeover / integration of companies in the digital industry as well as their international expansion and is excellently networked in the international digital / media industry.

Frequently asked questions about Executive Search Consulting in Cologne

Why is DELTACON Köln GmbH the ideal partner for the media, advertising and digital industry?

High-quality and sustainable advice to our clients always requires extensive industry experience on the part of the respective Executive Search Consultant. In principle, DELTACON only works with Executive Search Consultants who can fall back on the relevant expertise in the respective industry.
Each DELTACON Executive Search Consultant is therefore responsible for his specific industry competence center across the region and specializes in the requirements of the respective markets and products.
Oliver Hohmann is Managing Partner of DELTACON Köln GmbH Executive Search & Recruiting. Within the DELTACON Group, he is responsible for the Media, Advertising & Digital Competence Center and advises and supports companies from these industries in the search and selection of specialists and executives.
He has more than 22 years of experience in the international digital / media industry, both in the strategic and operational development of digital products, their international roll-out and marketing. In addition, he has a proven track record in the successful establishment / expansion / takeover / integration of companies in the digital industry and their international expansion and is excellently networked in the international digital / media industry.

What are the requirements for a successful Executive Search Consultant?

The basic prerequisite for successful cooperation between the client and the Executive Search Consultant is open and honest, permanent communication and transparent processes.
A concrete, comprehensive briefing, regular coordination, binding timelines, prompt feedback when information / coordination is required and open communication - also and especially if things do not go 100% smoothly - are the success factors for the successful and rapid processing of a mandate - and thus the fastest possible filling of the vacancy.

How does DELTACON find the best candidates for your vacancy?

DELTACON has specialized in the personal direct approach of top candidates for high-ranking specialist and management positions. In doing so, we primarily use our own industry network, obtain recommendations from industry insiders, research the candidates in our database, and also discreetly speak to candidates from the target companies personally. For reasons of discretion, we are "under the radar".
With our very efficient and fast way of approaching candidates, our very broad network of top candidates and our psychometric diagnostic procedures, we don't just find the candidates with the best expertise - we find candidates who combine the best expertise with the best fit for your company. And as fast as you need it to be.