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About our Berlin location

Berlin is a fantastic city, including for DELTACON! From Berlin, two DELTACON partners – Nicole Jacobsson and Dietrich Groth – manage the activities of DELTACON throughout Europe in the FMCG (non-food), trade and packaging and mobility, e-commerce and professional services sectors. We are personnel consultants by passion. We have demonstrated over almost 15 years that we are experts in personnel consulting. We quickly find exactly the right specialist and executive professionals for our clients!


Unfilled positions or suboptimal hires hamper the business success of our clients, which is why they turn to us. But personnel consulting – as we understand it – goes far beyond this service. With our know-how in organisational development at our location in Berlin, we see smart personnel strategies as a vital element in business development. Besides our core expertise in direct search, our clients therefore receive further comprehensive personnel consulting services that help them successfully implement their business strategy by building and developing an effective organisation,
We support our clients globally, specialising in the German-speaking region, and fill positions in management, top management and key specialist roles. When filling highly challenging positions, we focus on directly contacting suitable candidates. We also have access to a strong network across industries. We find the best candidates for our clients in next to no time! When reviewing candidates, we primarily count on proven diagnostics tools as well as cultural fit in addition to our state-of-the-art methodical competence. DELTACON is distinguished by industry expertise, excellent quality and reliability. Even difficult appointments in niche markets and specialist roles – such as in networked mobility and the packaging industry – are achieved with success. For these services, we have been honoured multiple times as Germany’s best personnel consultancy in executive search and were named “Top Consultant for SMEs” in 2020.

Your benefits with personnel consulting in Berlin


Industry and management experience

We speak your language and understand your business and expectations. All DELTACON consultants have many years of management experience in top leadership positions and are closely integrated in a dependable network in their respective sectors. This allows us to reach top candidates and engage with them on equal terms. We keep our promises and work quickly, thoroughly, reliably and with absolute discretion. Our quality standards are extremely high. We bring great transparency to the recruiting process. You are updated weekly on our progress and an honest, status-quo report is guaranteed.


Methodical expertise

Personnel consulting is both a science and an art. The art lies in finding the right candidates based on our industry expertise and in-depth knowledge of our clients and inspiring them to change positions. Our methodical expertise is state of the art and has received multiple awards. Our “PURE” diagnostics concept is at the heart of our approach. The result is an ideal fit between our clients’ coordinated profile requirements and the profiles of our candidates. We attach particular importance to measuring cultural fit and apply the DELTACON Cultural Due Diligence process, in order to measure and assess the suitability between candidates and the corporate and management culture. Our services naturally include multi-stage, personal and competence-based interviews and the discreet retrieval of references.


Direct Search

The best candidates are not actively looking for a new challenge. But it is essential to reach precisely these candidates! Our experience shows that more than 80% of all top candidates today need to be identified via direct search and contacted personally by our personnel consultants to inspire them to switch to our clients. Recruitment advertisements on job portals and in business networks are less relevant in this respect. We find the best candidates for our clients by establishing qualified initial contact on equal terms and this regularly leads to excellent results. We present the ideal candidates who are best prepared for a switch to our clients. Highly motivated and full of passion!

Do you have any questions about personnel consulting in Berlin?

Personalberatung Berlin

Dietrich Groth

Consumer Goods/FMCG, Packaging Industries & Retail, Outdoor & Lifestyle

+49 171 950 34 67


Nicole Jacobsson

Mobility, eCommerce, Professional Services, HR Consulting & Coaching

+49 174 999 87 72

Branch focus of the personnel consultancy Berlin


Personnel consulting in retail and e-commerce

Retail has been subject to disruptive changes for quite some time: e-tailers and e-commerce companies are growing rapidly. New e-tailers are constantly being launched, developing new product and service segments. However, high-street retail and wholesale are also an essential element of the economy. At DELTACON Executive Search, Nicole Jacobsson and Dietrich Groth – both of whom have spent many years in top leadership positions at e-tailers and in brand industry – provide excellent expertise for all sales channels and sales formats. eCommerce is increasingly becoming a key part of the market and is a fast-growing area in retail. Closely networking e-commerce and retail is highly beneficial for our clients’ business, but this also requires developing competence within the companies. We therefore seek out talent and top executives to actively shape this change with success.


Personnel consulting in FMCG / Consumer Goods (non-food)

The consumer goods industry is highly varied – a broad field with highly diverse challenges. Consumption behaviours are shifting, new trends are taking over and the global markets are also moving closer in this industry. Product lifecycles are decreasing and this results in many different challenges for consumer goods manufacturers. DELTACON Executive Search covers these exciting segments of the consumer goods industry with almost 30 years of experience. Our focus lies on industries and companies in the outdoor and lifestyle, home and living, household, DIY and stationery sectors.

Multiple brown cardboard packing boxes in a variety of sizes stacked on on top of the other in a pile for storage, packaging for mail or removals

Personnel consulting in packaging

The packaging industry is one of the industries booming around the world – with all the advantages and disadvantages that this entails. DELTACON Executive Search also attaches great importance to sustainability here: we concentrate on the parts of the packaging industry that perform best from an ecological standpoint – i.e. cardboard packaging made from recycled paper. This includes shipping boxes as well as folding cartons and POS displays. Our expertise is complemented with incredibly in-depth know-how in the printing industry. We regularly fill top leadership positions as well as specialist roles – in management, sales, production, development and procurement. Our customers primarily include innovative, cutting-edge and future-oriented companies that operate sustainably.


Personnel consulting in mobility

Our personnel consulting in mobility encompasses extensive knowledge and experience in the automotive, transportation and aviation industries. Here, personnel consulting in mobility increasingly concerns the field of smart mobility solutions. We primarily support our clients in recruitment and the organisational implementation of future-oriented and sustainable mobility strategies, such as alternative drive solutions, autonomous and networked driving as well as integrated transport and mobility solutions and services. We can count many companies from the transport and mobility sector among our clients. Above all, we are a strong organisational partner for clients shaping the innovative mobility solutions of the future.


Personnel consulting in professional services

Particularly in a knowledge economy, the importance of highly specialised services is growing. Indeed, these services account for around 70% of gross domestic product in Germany alone. The activities involved in knowledge-intensive consulting, services and development are incredibly diverse. Besides the right skills, these fields require innovation, strategic agility as well as entrepreneurial mindset and behaviour. Using our industry and management experience in this sector, we expand our clients’ teams and open up first-class access to high-calibre candidates. Personnel consulting for professional services supports global, multidisciplinary companies and highly specialised boutiques in all segments of strategy, management, development, personnel, legal, tax and business consulting as well as auditing.


Personnel consulting in the outdoor, lifestyle and DIY sector

Home trends, intense leisure activities and the growing focus on work-life balance are leading to considerable growth in the DIY, lifestyle and outdoor sectors. Many brand manufacturers from these sectors as well as the relevant trade companies place their trust in DELTACON as our clients. They benefit from the expertise of DELTACON partners who have in-depth knowledge of the manufacturing companies as well as the trade formats; the critical success factors in these sectors differ greatly from the classic consumer goods industry. The requirements profiles likewise vary substantially. We find the right candidates for our clients!

How to find us

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DELTACON Executive Search & Consulting
Leonhardtstrasse 10
14057 Berlin
+49 (0) 30 4508 6303


Our industry expertise at our Berlin location

Our Berlin location is specialised in the sectors FMCG (non-food), trade and packaging as well as mobility, e-commerce and professional services.
In addition to the Berlin location, we have further offices for our clients in Cologne, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Friedrichshafen, Koblenz, Munich, Münster, Nuremberg, Vienna and Zurich.

Frequently asked questions about personnel consulting in Berlin

What questions does the head-hunter ask in interviews?

The questions that our personnel consultants ask in interviews depend on the requirements of the position in the client’s company. We primarily check the technical, methodical and social competencies relevant to the position. After the interview, the answers are evaluated for maximum suitability with these core competencies. DELTACON’s approach of competence-based interview techniques significantly improves the informative value of interviews by increasing both the degree of structure and the relevance according to requirements. Interview results become measurable and comparable.

What are the most important interview questions for a CEO position?

The skills that DELTACON personnel consultants examine in a competence-based interview depend on the respective position. The CEO role can also be distinguished from other C-level positions (COO, CFO, CTO, CSO, CHRO, CMO, CIO), as well as commercial and technical management, mid-level and low-level management and project management. The corporate culture and associated management policies and company values also play a key role. Examples of core competencies for CEO positions include appreciative leadership, entrepreneurial mindset and behaviour, strategic agility, simplification of complexity and, above all, independent motivation. Ideal C-level candidates excel when they are able to credibly demonstrate their understanding of leadership, leadership values and their outstanding motivation and management skills using concrete examples. Here, a top candidate should be able to reflect on their own management strengths and purposefully apply them when planning and implementing strategies.

How is it possible to assess the quality of personnel consulting?

During the search and hiring process, the performance of the personnel consultant is clearly measurable using defined and objectively quantifiable skills according to the requirements profile and the quality of the candidates presented in a short list. After filling the position, quality can be measured based on feedback discussions with the presented and hired candidate and the client. This is where defined KPIs prove to be very helpful.

How are candidates compared?

It goes without saying that a comparison based solely on a candidate interview does not go far enough. DELTACON Executive Search utilises a defined competence-based interview, including quality rankings, as well as a psychometric assessment and culture matcher – an online and scientifically backed process that determines the fit between the candidate’s personality and the corporate culture.

How can I identify top performers?

To identify top performers, DELTACON uses potential analyses and profiling methods – in addition to other selection instruments – in order to make the potential, inner drive, interests as well as the culture fit of candidates measurable. An ideal appointment should primarily facilitate the long-term business success of our clients. DELTACON potential analyses and profiling are also used in talent management, where we support our clients in deploying staff in the right area or carrying out targeted successor and career planning. Last but not least, potential analyses and profiling also support personnel development, especially in management development. The targeted coaching of managers enables individual and tailored learning. The use of analysis methods is also a powerful tool for fostering and controlling a deliberate management culture that makes a key contribution to the development of the company culture and long-term success of the business.