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Thomas Heeger

Executive Search Consultant for pharmaceutical industry, medical technology and diagnostics

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Thomas Heeger is a founding partner of DELTACON and Managing Partner of DELTACON at our location in Switzerland in Zurich. His Competence Center covers the Life Science sector with the pharmaceutical industry, medical technology and diagnostics. As an “industry insider” with more than 20 years of management and leadership experience in leading companies, he knows the business in international corporations, their subsidiaries, but also the needs and issues in innovative life science start-ups.

Thomas Heeger is Managing Director of DELTACON Executive Search in Switzerland and heads the Zurich office. His professional career after studying economics started at a US company in the consumer goods industry, led to the automotive industry and finally 15+ years in the pharmaceutical industry. Here he has built up an extensive network in more than 10 years as a headhunter in Executive Search and leads our Competence Center Pharma, Medical Technology and Diagnostics with heart and soul. Due to his many years of expertise both in international, group-managed companies as well as in typical medium-sized companies, he knows the decisive factors that make his DELTACON clients successful: “People” – whether managers or specialists – “team” and “corporate culture” must fit together. Executive Search makes a decisive contribution here not only to the corporate success of our clients, but also to our health and medical progress in our society.


Thomas Heeger was awarded with DELTACON as the best Executive Search Consultancy in Germany!

  • 2022 Awarded by Focus Business magazine as top personnel service provider in the field of executive search.
  • 2021 Awarded by Focus Business magazine as top personnel service provider in the field of executive search.
  • 2020 Award for top consultant in the field of medium-sized businesses. The decisive factor for the award was a customer-oriented and SME-oriented consulting performance.
  • 2019 “Headhunter of the Year” award as the best executive search consultancy. The top-class jury was impressed by the clear client and candidate focus as well as the sound methodological competence and deep industry knowledge.
  • 2018 “Headhunter of the Year” award for best executive search firm in the Client Experience sector.
  • Why was DELTACON selected and awarded by Focus Business as one of the best Executive Search Consultancies? The consultants work quickly, thoroughly, absolutely discreetly and with extremely high quality standards. And with its PURE concept, DELTACON provides its clients with candidates who have been intensively screened using diagnostic tools. Their candidates fit the client and make their clients more successful. DELTACON creates values.

Important stations

until today

DELTACON Executive Search

Managing Director

Founding partner of DELTACON Executive Search and head of the Competence Center Pharmaceutical Industry, Medical Technology, Diagnostics Development of DELTACON into a Executive Search Consultancy with eleven partners at eleven locations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and over 25 industries.

Novo Nordisk

until 2008

Novo Nordisk

Vice President Strategic Operations / Finance Europe

36 stores in Europa – Finance Business Partnering – IT/CRM – Procurement/Sourcing – Legal/Compliance, Vorstandsmitglied nnit, Vice President Finance D-A-CH.

ATS Leichtmetallräder

until 1991

ATS Leichtmetallräder

Controller of ATS Group

ATS Leichtmetallräder GmbH, Stahlschmidt & Maiworm GmbH & Co. KG, Finance Controlling, IT, Human Resources, Sourcing / Procurement, Supply Chain Management.

Honeywell / Allied Signal

until 1989

Honeywell / Allied Signal

Director Finance & IT / Organization

Controlling, Reporting, Planning, Supply Chain Management, Just-in-time, Total Quality Management.

Procter & Gamble

until 1984

Procter & Gamble

Management Trainee

Management Systems Department, Brand Trade Advertising Rebates Payments, Program Development Tool.

Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg

1977 until 1981

Ruprecht-Karls-University Heidelberg

Degree: Diplom-Volkswirt

Alfred Weber Institute for Economic Sciences (AWI), Diploma Thesis “Software Engineering” at the Chair of General Business Administration and Applied Computer Science Prof. Dr. Rainer Thome.

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