Dr. Achim Gast

Executive Search Consultant Dr. Achim Gast for Dusseldorf


Dr. Achim Gast

Executive Search Consultant for Chemical Industry, Paints & Coatings and Plastics Processing Industry

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Dr. Achim Gast is Managing Director of DELTACON Executive Search. Together with his team, he is responsible for the chemical industry, paints & coatings and the plastics processing industry. In addition to his work as a Executive Search Consultant, Dr. Achim Gast has 30 years of management experience in sales, development, production and executive management functions in the chemical industry.

Dr. Achim Gast has been a partner in executive search since 2020 and heads our Dusseldorf office as Managing Director of DELTACON Executive Search. In the chemical industry, coatings & paints and plastics processing industry, Dr. Gast supports many national and international renowned clients in filling executive positions and technical specialists. Before joining the Executive Search Consulting firm, Dr. Achim Gast spent 30 years in leading positions in companies in the coatings industry. As a trained chemist with a doctorate, he held positions in development, production, sales and management in an international environment. He knows the products, trends, markets, competitors and personnel challenges of his clients and thus manages to identify suitable candidates quickly and in a targeted manner by combining direct search with his network.


Dr. Achim Gast was awarded with DELTACON as the best Executive Search Consultancy in Germany!


2022 Awarded by Focus Business magazine as top personnel service provider in the field of executive search

2021 Awarded by Focus Business magazine as top personnel service provider in the field of executive search

Why was DELTACON selected and awarded by Focus Business as one of the best Executive Search Consultancies? The consultants work quickly, thoroughly, absolutely discreetly and with extremely high quality standards. And with its PURE concept, DELTACON provides its clients with candidates who have been intensively screened with diagnostic tools. Their candidates fit the client and make their clients more successful. DELTACON creates values.


2020 Award for top consultant in the field of medium-sized businesses. The decisive factor for the award was a customer-oriented and SME-oriented consulting performance.

2019 Headhunter of the Year" award as the best executive search consultancy. The top-class jury was impressed by the clear client and candidate focus as well as the sound methodological competence and deep industry knowledge.

2018 Headhunter of the Year" award for best executive search firm in the Client Experience sector



until today

DELTACON Executive Search

Managing Director
Partner of DELTACON Executive Search and Head of the Competence Center Chemical Industry, Paints & Coatings and Plastics Processing Industry.


until 2020

Karl Wörwag Lack- und Farbenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG

Managing Director
Responsible as CEO, COO and CTO for the international restructuring and expansion as well as the strategic realignment of the company. Key achievements were innovative new developments in the field of paints and coatings, establishment and expansion of the organization in new markets as well as operational realignment of the Group.


until 2013

BASF Coatings GmbH

Direktor Industrielacke
Globally responsible for development, service and sales of the Windpower, Aerospace, Marine, Yacht, Powder, Protective and General Industry segments of the Industrial Coatings business unit. International alignment of the business, including Asia and the Americas. Establishment and expansion of the organization in new markets and acquisition of new global customers.


until 2010

BASF Coatings GmbH

Head of Competence Center
Globally responsible for development, service and product management of paint systems for automotive and industrial applications. Turn-around of an important product group by introducing a new technology still in use today.


until 2007

BASF Coatings GmbH

Key Account Management
Responsible for various international automotive OEM key accounts. Profitable expansion of national and international business.


until 1996

BASF Nichiyu Coatings R&D Co. Ltd

Laboratory management automotive coatings
Responsible for the development and release of automotive coatings for Japanese car manufacturers based in Yokohama, Japan.


until 1992

BASF Lacke + Farben AG

Laboratory management automotive coatings
Responsible for the development of innovative automotive coatings.


until 1990

Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn

Study of chemistry and doctorate Dr.rer.nat.
Graduated with a degree in organic chemistry.

Industry focus of Dr. Achim Gast


Executive Search Consulting Chemical Industry

In our Executive Search Consultancy in Dusseldorf, we manage challenging projects in all areas of the chemical industry with a focus on organic and inorganic chemistry, basic chemicals, specialty chemicals, coatings, additives, solvents, fillers, pigments and dyes, and mineral oil processing. The sector contributes to value creation at all levels of industrial production. Specialized medium-sized niche suppliers can be found here, as can large international corporations. The heterogeneity of the industry is not only reflected in different production structures, competitive positions and related innovation strategies, but also in the fact that comprehensive innovations are also implemented in non-technical areas. We at DELTACON are the ideal partner because our industry expertise enables us to understand our clients' wishes and to find suitable candidates for these requirements.


Executive Search Consulting Coatings & Inks

Projects in the fields of coatings and paints, coating materials, surface treatment, coatings, coating raw materials, application technology, plant engineering and construction, and application and coating technology. The paint and coatings industry consists of a large number of small and medium-sized companies and a small number of international corporations. This is where DELTACON Executive Search comes in: There is a shortage of above-average candidates and specialists. We have made it our business to provide you with top performers in the respective segments.


Executive Search Consulting plastics processing industry

The plastics processing industry: This includes, for example, industrial manufacturers, automotive suppliers, film technology, application technology, packaging material manufacturers, construction suppliers and manufacturers of composite systems. As a result of the steadily increasing demands for environmental compatibility of products, the focus in the future will be on environmentally friendly product design with very good recyclability. Likewise, the issue of competitiveness is permanently in focus. We at DELTACON Executive Search have been familiar with this market for almost 30 years - from the manufacturer, supplier and customer side.

Frequently asked questions to Dr. Achim Gast

Why is DELTACON Dusseldorf GmbH the best partner for the chemical industry, paints & coatings and the plastics processing industry?

Industry knowledge with more than 30 years of expertise and know how in all relevant areas of the industry combined with methodological competence awarded several times by independent bodies such as FOCUS Business speak for DELTACON. We are very transparent in the search process and deliver what we promise.

How does DELTACON find the right candidates for the mandate?

One of the critical points in any search is the company briefing at the beginning. We invest a lot of time in the detailed analysis of the wishes and requirements of the company and also in the general conditions of the position to be filled. This results in the detailed position description that needs to be matched. After agreeing on a list of target companies, in which companies excluded from the search are also defined, we begin the Ident phase. Here we usually approach potential candidates via a "direct search approach" or via our industry-specific, very resilient network. More than 80% of all suitable candidates are not actively looking for a new challenge and can be reached in this way. In the screening phase, an intensive check of the candidates takes place. Here DELTACON goes far beyond the classical checks of CV's and certificates. Multi-stage interviews, various instruments of psychometric profiling lead to the most objective possible assessment of the candidates with regard to the requirements set. The ideal cultural fit is also taken into account to ensure the best possible fit between the candidate and the corporate culture. The result of these extensive analyses is the "shortlist", on which the 3-6 most suitable candidates are found. These are presented to the client with corresponding evaluations and recommendations, who then conducts his own candidate interviews in the final phase, which can be accompanied and supported by DELTACON. At the end of this assessment by the client, the final contract is signed with one of the candidates.

Dr. Achim Gast works for you from Dusseldorf