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We set out to find and develop leadership personalities – thus creating value for their companies, society, and themselves.

We enter into long-term relationships with our clients and candidates, based on mutual trust.

So, who are the people at DELTACON Executive Search? What distinguishes them? What professional backgrounds and passions do they have?

Get to know us with a glimpse behind the scenes.

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Personalberater Dietrich Groth

Dietrich Groth

Recruiter for Consumer Goods / FMCG (non-food), Retail, Outdoor & Lifestyle, Packaging Materials

+49 171 9503467

About Dietrich Groth

Originally trained as a controller, Dietrich has taken a rather unconventional career path – a journey that would hardly be possible today. Starting as a purchasing manager, then moving on to become the managing director for purchasing, SCM, and marketing, and eventually reaching the position of Sales & Marketing Board Member. Always deeply rooted in the non-food consumer goods industry, Dietrich has accompanied many careers and nurtured and developed individuals throughout his various roles. Over the years and in different capacities, he has built a robust network of inspiring personalities, many of whom still actively support and accompany Dietrich Groth in his role as a personnel consultant.

Traveling – especially to the beautiful countries of Southeast Asia, enjoying good food (and cooking), spending leisure time with friends while simply being human – these are the activities that recharge Dietrich’s batteries.

Personalberatuer Klaus Mayerhanser

Klaus Mayerhanser

Recruiter for Telecommunications, IT & Consumer Electronics

+49 172 6484600

About Klaus Mayerhanser

Klaus’s interest in telecommunications began at the tender age of 18 when he served as a signalman with the paratroopers in the German Armed Forces. After studying at the LMU in Munich, he joined Mannesmann Mobilfunk D2 in sales during the nineties, which became his second passion. Contact with people, experiencing new things, and exchanging ideas are important to him. His values are freedom, justice, and reliability. In his spare time, Klaus loves to travel to foreign countries, combining culture and enjoyment. Good food, fine wines, music, photography, and sports are important to him. As a true Munich native, he loves the mountains, FC Bayern, and Oktoberfest Once a year, he travels with his best friends to special places in Europe to nurture their friendship. As a leader, he places value on nurturing young talents, empowering them with ample freedom, and challenging, coaching, and fostering them with responsibility.

Personalberater Dirk Aaron Bohl

Dirk Aaron Bohl

Recruiter for the Food Industry, Consumer Goods, FMCG, Retail, Beverage Industry & Food Ingredients, as well as Executive Profiler©

+49 160 93776490

About Dirk Aaron Bohl

Dirk Aaron Bohl – The Value-Oriented Recruiter

With over 20 years of leadership and management experience in the food and beverage industry, Dirk Aaron Bohl brings a unique expertise in foodservice and the food industry. As the Global Sales & Marketing Director and Vice President of Global Sales, he has not only taken on comprehensive personnel responsibilities but also successfully established a values-oriented approach in human resources.

Dirk Aaron is characterized as an empathetic profiler who goes beyond conventional methods. His extensive top management experience demonstrates that he relies not only on expertise but also on understanding people and their value systems.

Dirk Aaron enjoys exploring his surroundings, accompanied by his family and the lively Weimaraner, Apache. As an avid hiker, skier, and boater, he continuously seeks new adventures and unforgettable moments in nature.

Personalberater Marcus Christopher Schulz

Marcus Christopher Schulz

Recruiter for Furnishings, Lighting & Consumer Electronics

+43 660 7931860

About Marcus Christopher Schulz

After completing a technical apprenticeship in Innsbruck, Marcus gained initial experience in the retail sales of consumer electronics before transitioning to the industrial side of sales for these products, where he spent many years. He then ventured into the world of designer furniture on the manufacturing side, working both in B2C retail and B2B project business. With a growing network and an interest in people and their development, the move into personnel consulting within his familiar industries was a very natural step for him.

Beyond his esteemed profession, Marcus is a family man who enjoys good food and drink and loves to travel. He lives in Vienna and Tyrol and appreciates this diversity greatly.

Personalberater Frank Bühl

Frank Bühl

Recruiter for Automotive, Off-Highway, Industrial

+49 151 42404587

About Frank Bühl

Frank has always had a passion for automobiles and other vehicles of all kinds that require propulsion and a sleek interior. These product groups continue to accompany him today in the Automotive, Off-Highway, and Industrial sectors. During his time at MTU/Daimler as a leader, he was already committed to developing potential carriers and has served as an assessor and role player in assessments, as well as a mentor and coach in HR leadership development. The vast network of people he has built is spread throughout the industry. Ultimately, he ended up at DELTACON, where he combines all the things that he enjoys as a recruiter.

In winter, Frank enjoys skiing, and in summer, inline skating, and he is an absolute family man. As a native Bavarian, he also enjoys wearing Lederhosen at Oktoberfest. By the way, his football heart beats for the club.

Personalberater Olaf Kammerer

Olaf Kammerer

Recruiter for Electrical Engineering, Automation, and Electronics

+49 179 1042580

About Olaf Kammerer

Customer service and project business have been the cornerstone of Olaf’s professional career, whether in M&A consulting, electronics development, component business, or now, for over 5 years, in personnel consulting. His motto is to shape rather than manage, as long as there’s dynamism and business development involved. Recognizing and realizing growth opportunities drives Olaf, often accompanied by the establishment of effective teams.

Foreign languages and cultures as a whole have always fascinated Olaf – he now speaks not only English and French but also Spanish and Portuguese. In the summer, you can find him on the peaks of the Alps or fishing for pike, carp, and more.

Personalberater Oliver Hohmann

Oliver Hohmann

Recruiter for Media, Advertising & Digital

+49 160 4772468

About Oliver Hohmann

Oliver Hohmann has been successful in the media and digital industry for 27 years, holding various positions as CEO and board member of renowned companies in the media and digital sectors during this time. As a recognized expert in these industries, he now leads the Competence Center for Media, Advertising & Digital at DELTACON Executive Search as Managing Partner. He not only has extensive expertise and an excellent network but also speaks the language of these special industries. He approaches every search with enthusiasm and passion. In his spare time, he focuses on his children and traveling – mainly to the mountains for hiking, via ferrata climbing, and skiing.

Personalberater Sven Halbe

Sven Halbe

Recruiter for Construction, Real Estate, Building Materials, and Construction Research

+49 151 54213900

About Sven Halbe

With 25 years of experience in the construction industry, Sven Halbe has specialized early in his career in engineering facades. In addition to project management, he has gained extensive experience in the field of facade systems and hardware industry, holding various leadership positions there.

Outside of his professional career, Sven is passionately devoted to football. As a Schalke fan and holder of a B license, he is involved in volunteer board positions as well as coaching youth teams, where he passes on his knowledge and experience to young athletes. In his spare time, the father of three is an enthusiastic lover of the mountains. Hiking, skiing, and road cycling are among his favorite sports activities, where he indulges in his love for nature and sports.

Personalberater achim Gast

Dr. Achim Gast

Recruiter for the Chemical Industry, Paints & Coatings, and Plastic Processing Industry

+49 157 92353188

About Dr. Achim Gast

His enthusiasm for chemistry developed during his school years, intensified during his studies, and throughout his professional career. Over more than 30 years, Achim has built a broad and resilient network in the chemical, paints & coatings, and plastic processing industries, both nationally and internationally in Europe, Asia, and America. As a leader, he recognizes that successful projects depend particularly on a strong team and always considers the “human factor” with all its facets.

After many years in the chemical corporation and as CEO of a large medium-sized paint manufacturer, he decided to switch to executive search. Here, he brings his comprehensive knowledge with great passion to the candidate search for his clients from “his” industry. In addition, he frequently advises on many other topics that concern the companies.

Achim loves to travel, with a particular fondness for Asia in addition to Europe. As a newly minted grandparent, he stays fit with cycling, hiking, and tennis, and can often be found at the theater and opera.

Personalberater Thomas Wild

Thomas Wild

Recruiter for Mechanical Engineering, Plant Engineering, and Industrial Valves

+49 1523 7713564

About Thomas Wild

His fascination with technology began early with model building, which influenced his decision for a career in mechanical and plant engineering as well as in the automotive supply industry. He gathered his leadership expertise primarily in corporation-affiliated, medium-sized, as well as independent family-owned companies.

During his more than 25 years in the field, he, as a manager, placed particular emphasis on the development of international, diverse teams. His extensive network in the industry is complemented by a global, cross-functional alumni network and university contacts.

As a recruiter, he leverages his comprehensive knowledge to identify and nurture top talents.

In his leisure time, Thomas enjoys traveling, engages in table tennis, and participates in outdoor activities such as running, hiking, and cross-country skiing.

Personalberater Thomas Heeger

Thomas Heeger

Recruiter for the Pharmaceutical Industry, Medical Technology, and Diagnostics

+41 79 7863880

About Thomas Heeger

At a time when changing industries was still seen as a sign of strength, Thomas began his professional career in the consumer goods industry, followed by automotive, and eventually pharmaceuticals. The particular allure for him as a headhunter today lies in the complexity and fantastic progress in research and technology within the pharmaceutical field. It’s a great feeling as a headhunter to be able to connect the best candidates in pharmacy, medicine, and diagnostics with clients, thus contributing to progress in healthcare. It’s the “cultural fit” that makes the difference: the fit of the individual with the company and its future ambitions. And for that, Thomas can rely on his extensive network and executive search tools.

Football and endurance sports serve as both a balance and an energy booster for him. Naturally, he prefers doing these activities in nature. Switzerland offers enticing options for this: swimming in Lake Zurich, running, and mountain biking in the mountains. There’s always a bit of adventure involved. And as a former active footballer, competition and the unwavering desire to win are his daily motivators.

Personalberater Daniel Frankenberg

Daniel Frankenberg

Recruiter for Consumer Goods / FMCG (non-food), Retail, Outdoor & Lifestyle, Packaging Materials

+49 178 5801202

About Daniel Frankenberg

His passion for stationery and paper products has been the common thread throughout his 25-year career. As a leader, he is dedicated to promoting a value-oriented corporate culture and mentoring young colleagues. Many of his former employees now hold leadership positions themselves. Additionally, he feels at home in the non-food industry and maintains a large network within both industry and retail. Transitioning into executive recruitment was a natural progression along this path.

In his free time, Daniel loves to explore foreign countries, experiencing their nature and cuisine. As a native of Cologne, he lives and breathes the ups and downs of supporting 1. FC Köln year after year, and in the winter, you can regularly find him on the badminton court.

We are successful and aim to continue growing, both in various industries and regionally in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, with individuals who align with our values and culture, and to whom we align as well. Curious? Then we would be delighted if you explore the “Join us” section and get in touch with us if you find yourself fitting there.