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The DELTACON Partner Model – Entrepreneurship in Team

We are looking for partners for a very long-term and trustworthy collaboration. Learn more about your opportunities to join one of the leading companies for executive search in the DACH region.

DELTACON Executive Search

DELTACON Executive Search AG is one of the leading executive search firms with currently 11 offices in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.
We combine excellence with entrepreneurship and have grown extremely successfully with this philosophy. For our clients, we are the reliable partner for demanding executive placements.

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Standortkarte DACH-Region

DELTACON in the DACH region

Our Company Culture

We impress our clients through the highest quality, personal support from the partners, and excellent service – our goal is to find the best candidates for our clients. And we achieve this goal! As a leading executive search firm for value-oriented placements in leadership positions, respect, integrity, trust, reliability, and sustainability form the basis of our actions.


DELTACON Executive Search covers all essential key industries in industry, commerce, and services. Our excellence is not solely based on professional executive search – it is supported by in-depth knowledge of our clients’ markets, the associated specific challenges, and a profound understanding of our clients’ strategy and corporate culture.


Each DELTACON partner operates regionally for our clients beyond the DACH region. This enables us to achieve the best focus on our clients’ operational areas.

Personnel consultants at DELTACON

The DELTACON Group offers you ideal conditions for a successful start as a recruiter – our service portfolio, quality, and the results of our work surpass the market average. Our partner model is established and highly successful. The founding partners of DELTACON Executive Search – Klaus Mayerhanser and Dietrich Groth – have been working as recruiters since 2007. After several years as partners at a Swiss recruitment firm, they founded DELTACON Executive Search in 2011. Before starting as recruiters, both founding partners of DELTACON worked in various management roles in the industry for about 20 years, gaining firsthand experience with recruitment from the client’s perspective during that time.

The development of the partner model at DELTACON was based on the broad and deep experiences of the founding partners. DELTACON stands uncompromisingly for unrestricted trust, highest quality, respect, reliability, and speed towards its clients and candidates. Numerous awards from prestigious media outlets as one of the best recruitment firms convincingly demonstrate that DELTACON meets these Standards.

DELTACON Executive Search

The strong brand DELTACON Executive Search

We are among the most recognized brands in the recruitment market and support the further expansion of our brand “DELTACON Executive Search” through intensive marketing and the excellent work quality of our partners.

Our established partner model

Independent entrepreneurs with a strong network are guarantors of sustainable success. We are twelve successful partners, all coming from the operational management of their respective industries.

Your development opportunities as a partner of DELTACON

Your expertise and your network, combined with our methodological competence, ensure your development into an expert and successful recruiter in your industry.

Your advantages as a partner

Company Establishment

You will receive intensive support from DELTACON both in the preparation phase and during the founding phase.

Onboarding & Mentoring

A professional onboarding process and mentoring by a DELTACON founding partner. Intensive coaching after the training period.

Our Partner Structure

Regular partner meetings and weekly video calls, training sessions, and workshops covering all topics and trends in the recruitment market – ensuring your proficiency and keeping you up-to-date.

DELTACON Diagnostic Tools

Psychometric profiling, evaluation of company culture and leadership qualities, as well as “state-of-the-art” interview techniques that we constantly refine.

The Synergy Effects

A highly efficient IT infrastructure, successful marketing measures, licenses for software and career portals, as well as job advertisements – together, many things become more cost-effective.

Our Knowledge Management

We provide our DELTACON Wiki with all relevant information regarding recruitment, diagnostics, and competition, as well as intensive training and internal and external workshops.

Who are we looking for?

Expertise & Network

Your Industry Expertise

You are an expert in your field and know the market and relevant stakeholders.

You are a Sales Professional

You have demonstrated successes in sales and marketing.

Your Network is Robust

You have a robust network with decision-makers in the top management of companies in your industry and have the corresponding personal access.

Your Personality

Entrepreneurial Personality

  • Independent and goal-oriented
  • Entrepreneurial mindset
  • Business acumen
  • Desire and drive for success

Confident customer manager

  • Several years of leadership experience and leadership talent
  • Experience in dealing with customers at the executive level

Outgoing People Manager

  • Do you like people?
  • Do you love variety and hate monotonous work?
  • Do you operate at a high energy level?

Your Qualifications

Education & Languages

  • Fluent in German and English, additional languages are advantageous
  • Successfully completed studies and a solid business background

Skills & Certifications

  • Excellent knowledge of MS Office, CRM, and initial experience with databases
  • Further training in sales & leadership

Do you have the ideal mindset for a successful recruiter?

As a DELTACON partner, you should have the following traits:

Als DELTACON Partner sollten Sie so ticken

You want to be your own boss.

Als DELTACON Partner sollten Sie so ticken

Sales is your passion.

Als DELTACON Partner sollten Sie so ticken

You enjoy connecting with people.

Als DELTACON Partner sollten Sie so ticken

Working independently comes naturally to you.

Als DELTACON Partner sollten Sie so ticken

Your cognitive abilities are well above average.

Als DELTACON Partner sollten Sie so ticken

You are ready to take the leap into entrepreneurship.

Als DELTACON Partner sollten Sie so ticken

You have a good intuition for people.

Als DELTACON Partner sollten Sie so ticken

You navigate the business world with confidence.

Als DELTACON Partner sollten Sie so ticken

You are excellently connected and an expert in your field.

Als DELTACON Partner sollten Sie so ticken

You are analytical, structured, and thorough.

Als DELTACON Partner sollten Sie so ticken

You are flexible and pragmatic.

Als DELTACON Partner sollten Sie so ticken

You are customer-oriented.

Als DELTACON Partner sollten Sie so ticken

You bounce back from defeats easily and celebrate victories.

… with these traits, you are not a good fit for us:

Mit diesen Eigenschaften passen Sie nicht zu uns

You prefer clear instructions that you can follow.

Mit diesen Eigenschaften passen Sie nicht zu uns

You prefer working on the computer rather than with people.

Mit diesen Eigenschaften passen Sie nicht zu uns

Job security as an employee is important to you.

Mit diesen Eigenschaften passen Sie nicht zu uns

You avoid risks and prefer playing it safe.

Mit diesen Eigenschaften passen Sie nicht zu uns

Your 9-to-5 job is important to you.

Mit diesen Eigenschaften passen Sie nicht zu uns

You see customers as more of a nuisance.

Mit diesen Eigenschaften passen Sie nicht zu uns

Perfection comes before speed?

Mit diesen Eigenschaften passen Sie nicht zu uns

You enjoy routines, especially in your job.

Mit diesen Eigenschaften passen Sie nicht zu uns

You get nervous quickly during phone calls.

Mit diesen Eigenschaften passen Sie nicht zu uns

Success is not important to you.

Mit diesen Eigenschaften passen Sie nicht zu uns

Perfection is everything to you.

Mit diesen Eigenschaften passen Sie nicht zu uns

You prefer writing long emails instead of picking up the phone.

Mit diesen Eigenschaften passen Sie nicht zu uns

You dislike exerting influence.

Perfect match? Then we should get to know each other!

Our awards

Your contact persons:

Impressions from our consultants

Dr. Achim Gast
Managing Director

As an experienced manager in the chemical industry, I know precisely what expectations clients have for recruiters: transparency in the search process, high-quality standards in methodology and documentation, trustworthy collaboration, excellent industry knowledge, and precisely fitting candidates are just some of the expectations. I am proud to be part of the DELTACON team, where we regularly receive feedback from clients and candidates that our approach and quality significantly differentiate us from the competition. Feel free to test us when it comes to finding the right candidates for successful collaborations.

Marcus Christopher Schulz
Managing Director

When Klaus Mayerhanser approached me as a candidate several years ago, I was the country manager of a premium design furniture manufacturer. From the very first moment, it felt completely different from any encounters I had experienced so far with recruitment agencies, either as a client or a candidate. The conversations were professional but not stiff. Agreements were always honored, and communication was always on equal terms: intellectually substantive, respectful, and transparent. Six months later, I was proud to become a partner of the DELTACON Group myself.

Now, I support clients with DELTACON’s methodological expertise in challenging and demanding placements. Of course, I also assist candidates on their career paths with individual development programs for personal growth. Our contribution to clients and candidates is profoundly meaningful, and together we create value. All of this leads to me thoroughly enjoying every minute as a recruiter and human being at DELTACON.

Dirk Aaron Bohl
Managing Director

DELTACON Executive Search – in my conviction, the Best Recruitment Firm!

Because DELTACON combines passion, mission, profession, and calling. Here, all partners work with conviction and great passion, alongside high-quality standards. This is highly valued by both companies and candidates.

What sets DELTACON apart?
Primarily, it’s the people and partners who support each other and are bound by shared values such as respect, integrity, trust, reliability, and sustainability. We live these values and our clients and candidates feel it in our daily collaboration. Last but not least, it’s the high level of professionalism that is continuously being developed.

What makes DELTACON so special?
It’s the joy in what we do, how we do it, and the joy in success. Also, the freedom for innovation and the realization of our own ideas, as well as space for uniqueness and diversity. Becoming a partner at DELTACON was indeed the best idea I ever had.

Olaf Kammerer
Managing Director

Since 2019, I have been contributing to the success of DELTACON Executive Search. The intense exchange with all DELTACON partners, each of whom is an experienced top manager and established entrepreneurial personality, inspires me anew every time. A shared understanding of what makes an excellent recruitment firm and the highest lived quality standards, which are constantly optimized and improved, form the basis of our work. It is this approach and the entrepreneurial mindset of each individual that our clients particularly appreciate about us.

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