Executive Search Consulting for Consumer Products/FMCG (non-food), Packaging & Retail (non-food)

Executive Search Consulting for Consumer Products/FMCG (non-food), Packaging & Retail (non-food)

DELTACON Berlin operates internationally, with a focus on the D-A-CH (German-speaking) area. We fill demanding positions in the consumer products/FMCG, retail, and packaging sectors. Our approach is direct search - this is the only way to ensure the successful and fast filling of positions of our clients with the best candidates in a narrow personnel market!

For its excellent work DELTACON Executive Search was awarded by WirtschaftsWoche (issue 51/2022) as the best of all German executive search firms among more than 800 executive search firms in the category consumer goods!


Dietrich Groth

Executive Search Consultant for consumer goods / FMCG (non food), retail, outdoor & lifestyle, packaging materials

+49 (0) 171 950 34 67

Dietrich Groth is a founding partner and Managing Director of DELTACON Executive Search. Together with his team, he is responsible for the consumer goods / FMCG (non food), retail, outdoor & lifestyle and packaging sectors and heads our office in Berlin. In addition to his 15 years as an Executive Search Consultant, Dietrich Groth has more than 15 years of operational management experience in purchasing, sales and marketing functions within the consumer goods industry.


Daniel Frankenberg

Executive Search Consultant for consumer goods / FMCG (non food), retail, outdoor & lifestyle, packaging materials

+49 (0) 178 580 1202

As Director Executive Search, Daniel Frankenberg is responsible for the sectors consumer goods / FMCG (non food), retail, outdoor & lifestyle and packaging throughout Europe from his office in Berlin. Daniel Frankenberg has more than 20 years of operational top management experience in purchasing, sales and marketing functions within the consumer goods industry and retail.

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Your advantages with us

Industry expertise

Direct search

Methodological competence


Performance-based remuneration

Industry expertise

DELTACON Berlin is managed by Dietrich Groth and specializes in the consumer goods/FMCG (non-food), retail (non-food), outdoor & lifestyle (DIY), home & living, PBS & office products, and packaging industry sectors. The focus is on clients in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Beyond that, we have already worked successfully for clients in the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, and the Netherlands. The industry expertise of Dietrich Groth results from more than 20 years of experience in visible management positions and the associated deep knowledge of the respective markets and the specific challenges of the clients.

Personalberatung FMCG

Direct Search

Passive candidate search through ads has been increasingly unsuccessful for years. The interesting candidates must be actively identified, and purposefully approached to inspire them to change. Therefore, every recruitment effort is newly set up as direct search project: Target company list, identification, first contact, interviews - that's how we find the best candidates.


Methodological competence

We use our “PURE” diagnostic concept for the perfect profile job match. The result is the degree of correspondence between the candidate profile of our clients and the profiles of the candidates. We intensively examine the candidates' documents and use state-of-the-art diagnostic tools: Psychometric Profiling and cultural due diligence, complemented by personally collected references using a professional questionnaire. The focus of the candidate evaluation is on leadership and management skills, value systems, and operational as well as strategic excellence.

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All accepted contracts are fulfilled: Over 90 % within the agreed time of 6-8 weeks - for the remaining almost 10 % applies: we are looking for until the position is filled! Active departures of our recruited candidates within the probationary period are infrequent. It is then quite clear that we repeat the search once without requesting another fee. Of course, the employees of our clients are protected with our don't-touch guarantee!


Performance-based remuneration

Our fee is two-thirds success-based! When commissioned by our clients, we charge a deposit, which initiates the search. A second installment is only due when we present the audited and most suitable candidates in the shortlist. The last installment is due after an employment contract is signed.


Our industry sectors at a glance


Executive Search Consulting - consumer products


Executive Search Consulting - retail

Multiple brown cardboard packing boxes in a variety of sizes stacked on on top of the other in a pile for storage, packaging for mail or removals

Executive Search Consulting - packaging

We are your reliable partner in the following sectors

Consumer products: All sub-sectors of non-food consumer goods / FMCG - both brand name companies and private label providers; key areas are PBS (stationary), office products, gift industry

Outdoor/lifestyle: All segments of the DIY sector - garden furniture, tools, garden tools

Home & decor: Seasonal and theme world providers

Drugstore and cleaning products: All non-food ranges sold in drugstore chains

Packaging industry: Packaging materials and POS materials of corrugated cardboard; cardboard boxes, corrugated boxes, displays, preprint

Retail: Stationary retail (non-food), e-commerce / e-tailer (non-food)


Why is DELTACON Berlin the ideal personnel consultancy for companies in the consumer goods industry?

Dietrich Groth, Managing Director of DELTACON Berlin, has held TOP management positions in the consumer goods industry for more than 20 years - among others as Managing Director and as Board Member Sales & Marketing and therefore knows the strategic as well as the operational challenges in different markets. Dietrich Groth also has a strong international background, both in Europe and in Southeast Asia. Dietrich Groth has held various positions - purchasing, finance/controlling, supply chain management, marketing and sales. In addition, Dietrich Groth brings in-depth restructuring and change management experience.

What is a mandate in executive search?

Besides the general terms and conditions, the mandate agreement is a contract between the Company, which has to fill a vacancy and the executive search consultancy (contractor). The mandate agreement specifies the details of mandate outlining a.o. - based on the job description - the time lines, the search process, expenditures, contact persons, payment terms and conditions and applicable law.

Why is DELTACON working with the direct search instrument?

The personalized and individual Direct Search is the fastest and most efficient search method. Statistics show that 80% of potential candidates do not actively seek a job. Typically, headhunters get the task to find highly qualified senior managers or specialists, who cannot be reached and approached by a classical job advertisment. Through "Direct Search" method they identify those "hidden" candidates and make contact with them directly.

What is diversity?

Diversity management is the “recognition and valorization of individual differences”. "The concept of diversity encompasses acceptance and respect. It means understanding that each individual is unique, and recognizing our individual differences. These can be along the dimensions of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, age, physical abilities, religious beliefs, political beliefs, or other ideologies. It is the exploration of these differences in a safe, positive, and nurturing environment. Moreover, it is about understanding each other and moving beyond simple tolerance to embracing and celebrating the rich dimensions of diversity in each individual"(Patrick and Kumar, 2012).

What special features must management pay attention to in the consumer goods non-food sector?

The food sector is confronted with the concentration of trade, but not with the change in distribution channels, as online purchases still play a minor role in the food sector. With Rewe.de, only one food retailer is represented in the top 25 of German online retailing, yet even Rewe generates less than 1% of its sales online (0.4 billion of 54 billion euros in sales in Germany).

The situation is completely different in the non-food sector, where well over 20% of sales are already generated online. In some segments (generally higher-priced branded products), this figure is well over 50%. In the non-food segment, more than 60 billion euros have been shifted from stationary retail to the online sales channel in recent years. Of this, 53% of German online retail is accounted for by amazon alone, with amazon fresh accounting for only around 1% of sales. Thus, amazon.de sells 99% non-food consumer goods and is thus driving the shift in sales channels.

This means that the management of the non-food consumer goods industry as well as the traditional consumer goods trade must deal intensively with this change and adapt strategies, especially in pricing and distribution policy. Not infrequently, however, adjustments in product policy and communication are also necessary in order to respond to the changed distribution channels, as consumers have greatly changed their search behavior and purchasing decisions in recent years. For this reason, executives cannot avoid active change management processes. We are looking for executives with the ability to analyze changes and to react adequately to the new market conditions.

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Dietrich Groth

Consumer Goods/FMCG, Packaging & Retail, Outdoor & Lifestyle

+49 (0) 171 950 34 67groth@deltacon-exs.com


Daniel Frankenberg

Consumer goods / FMCG (non food), Retail, Outdoor & lifestyle, Packaging materials

+49 (0) 178 580 1202