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About our location Koblenz

The Koblenz location with its Competence Center Mechanical Engineering, Plant Engineering and Industrial Fittings is headed by our Managing Director Thomas Wild. He supports his clients as a Executive Search Consultant mainly in the countries Germany, Austria and Switzerland in filling management positions as well as specialists and executives.


DELTACON Koblenz - Executive Search & Recruiting - advises its clients on the position description and identifies only the most suitable candidates in a short time. If necessary, we supplement our existing network of excellent candidates with the help of direct search, profiling and database research. DELTACON stands for industry know-how, reliability, discretion, highest quality and comprehensive guarantees.

Koblenz is one of the oldest cities in Germany and the center of the Middle Rhine region. Geographically located between Frankfurt and Cologne, the city is considered the economic center of northern Rhineland-Palatinate. The region is dominated by medium-sized businesses but is also home to production sites and development centers of global companies. Located at the northern end of the Middle Rhine, more precisely at the “Deutsches Eck”, the confluence of the Rhine and Moselle, the cultural landscape with the highest density of castles in the world is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Upper Middle Rhine.

Furthermore, the Koblenz region is home to various campuses of the Koblenz University of Applied Sciences and several universities, at which approximately 10,000 students are enrolled. Of particular note here is WHU in Vallendar, which has won several awards as one of the world's best business schools and is located just outside Koblenz. Notable alumni include Oliver Samwer (Rocket Internet) and Oliver Zipse (BMW), to name just two.

The combination of being a business and university location, complemented by a variety of opportunities for active recreation, make the region extremely attractive to employers and employees alike.

Your advantages with Executive Search Consulting in Koblenz

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Business and management experience

We speak your language, understand your company and your expectations. All Executive Search Consultants at DELTACON have many years of management experience in your industries with a corresponding network and speak with the top candidates at eye level. We work quickly, thoroughly, reliably, absolutely discreetly and with a very high-quality standard. We make the recruitment process very transparent: you know where we stand in the process every week - an honest status quo report is guaranteed.


Methodological Competence

With our "PURE" diagnostic concept, we in the Koblenz Executive Search Consultancy measure the degree of congruence between the agreed target profile of our clients and the profiles of our candidates. We use state-of-the-art diagnostic tools: DELTACON profiling, cultural due diligence and evaluation of references. Our services include multi-level and personal interviews, and we review the candidates' documents. With our PURE concept, we not only provide candidates from the target companies, but also check which of these candidates best matches the client.


Direct Search

Today, more than 80% of all top candidates must be identified through a direct search as well as actively and personally approached by our Executive Search Consultants to inspire and convince them to join our clients. We find the best candidates by compiling a coordinated target company list and identifying the most suitable candidates. A qualified initial contact and the implementation of competence-based interviews, supported by sophisticated diagnostic tools, regularly lead to excellent results: A silver platter with the ideal and motivated candidates!

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Branch focus of the Executive Search Consultancy Koblenz


Executive Search Consulting Mechanical Engineering

At Executive Search Consulting Koblenz, we manage many challenging projects in all areas of mechanical engineering.
The industry stands for globally appreciated innovative power and solutions to many technical challenges of our time. The spectrum of applications is broad, and you will find products in all areas of life that have "come into contact" with mechanical engineering at some point in their development, and/or manufacturing process. Within the capital goods industry, mechanical and plant engineering ensures perfect interaction between various technical sciences in order to develop innovative concepts for machines. The industry is largely dominated by medium-sized companies and is not only an important economic factor for the state but is also very well positioned internationally. The list of hidden champions is long, their enormous importance for the industry undisputed. We at DELTACON are the ideal partner because our industry expertise enables us to understand our clients' wishes and to find suitable candidates for these requirements.


Executive Search Consulting Plant Engineering

At Executive Search Consulting Koblenz, we manage many interesting projects in all areas of plant engineering.
Even the larger companies from this sector are often little known to the public, although there are also numerous hidden champions among them.
The digital transformation towards IoT ("Industrie 4.0") is also changing plant engineering, with the exchange of data and information between the individual participants in the value chain in particular gaining in importance. In the course of digitalization, the business of plant manufacturers will become significantly more complex and costly. Accordingly, companies are being called upon even more strongly than before to invest in innovations and new technologies, but above all also to strengthen the digital skills of their employees or to recruit suitable new personnel. We at DELTACON are the ideal partner because our industry expertise enables us to understand our clients' wishes, find suitable candidates in a short time and thus make an important contribution to the development and success of the companies.

Personalberatung Industriearmaturen

Executive Search Consulting Industrial Valves

At Executive Search Consulting Koblenz, we supervise numerous projects in the field of industrial valves. Our contacts include manufacturers, but also users from the fields of water & wastewater, industrial water treatment, surface technology, textile industry, pulp production and paper manufacturing, automotive industry and suppliers, building technology and last but not least energy technology. Users employ the valves in all areas of fluid technology for the transport, control and shut-off of media. As a result of the increasing quality and environmental requirements for the materials used and the efficiency of the products, the focus in the future will be, for example, on transparent supply chains, low energy consumption, but also on a holistic approach such as total cost of ownership (TOC).
There is a shortage of above-average candidates and specialists in the industrial valves sector. We have made it our business to provide you with top performers in the respective segments.

How to find us

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Executive Search & Recruiting
Thomas Wild
Thomas Wild
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Our branch competence at the Koblenz location

Our Koblenz office focuses on the mechanical engineering, plant engineering and industrial valves sectors. In addition, we are happy to be your first point of contact in Koblenz for the other DELTACON Executive Search sectors.

Frequently asked questions about Executive Search Consulting in Koblenz

Why should I join business networks?

By joining a business network, you significantly improve your visibility for recruiters. Without using social media, you run the risk of being considered "old school" and you risk disappearing from the market. Executive Search Consultants use selected business networks to find the right candidate for their clients, in addition to their existing network.

When should I send an application by mail?

As a general rule, you should read the documents provided to you very carefully and only send your application documents in the desired way. Any deviations from the desired procedure should be clarified in advance. Furthermore, you should note that there are other formal requirements for an application sent by mail. Conclusion: Only send documents by mail if this is desired.

How important is it to network?

A functioning network is becoming increasingly important in the professional world. Whether for professional exchange, job opportunities, or inspiration, about half of all professionals take advantage of the opportunities offered by the various business networks. The number of users is significantly higher among young employees, but even the more experienced regularly seek out new contacts. It has been proven that many professionals benefit from their contacts by achieving greater success in their careers.

What is cultural due diligence?

In connection with M&A deals, the term cultural due diligence is understood as a comparison and intensive examination of corporate cultures. This involves comparing, for example, the management styles of superiors, the opportunities for personnel development for employees, or even the compensation systems of the two transaction partners. Unfortunately, much more attention is paid to financial and tax due diligence during M&A activities. This imbalance is probably partly responsible for the regular failure of post-merger integration (PMI).
In Executive Search Consulting, the term is used in a similar way, but to match the corporate culture with the personality and expectations of the candidates. At DELTACON, we use state-of-the-art diagnostic tools for this purpose, thus ensuring to the highest degree that the candidates on our shortlist are an ideal match for our clients' corporate culture and thus make a lasting contribution to the company's future success.