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Executive Search & Recruiting Nuremberg

Our Nuremberg office with its competence center electrical engineering and automation technology is headed by Olaf Kammerer as Managing Director. He supports his clients as an Executive Search Consultant primarily in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, but also internationally, in filling positions in top management, management and for important specialist functions.


We have a strong network in our industries and complement this pool of candidates with our direct search method as well as intensive database research. DELTACON Executive Search presents only top candidates due to its many years of expertise in direct search, its methodological skills and proven diagnostic tools. DELTACON stands for industry know-how, highest quality, reliability and extensive guarantees. Even the most difficult placements in niche markets and of specialists in all areas of test and measurement systems, automation and electrical engineering are successfully carried out. For these services we have been awarded several times as the best Executive Search Consultancy in Germany.

The Nuremberg metropolitan region with Erlangen and Fuerth holds a top position nationwide in the field of electrical engineering and automation technology. Internationally active electrical engineering and mechatronics companies have major locations here, as well as medium-sized hidden champions An international airport, excellent train and highway connections, and a vibrant university landscape in engineering and the humanities all combine to make the region a preferred location in the center of Europe.
The Nuremberg metropolitan region is also an ideal location for candidates. From Nuremberg “Bratwurst”, the leisure and climbing paradise in “Franconian Switzerland”, water sports opportunities in the Franconian lake district up to art and culture in the opera, theatre and museums, there is a wide range of leisure activities available. In addition, there is a fairly moderate price structure on the real estate market.

Your advantages working with your Executive Search & Recruiting expert in Nuremberg


Industry and management experience

We speak your language, understand your company and your expectations. All Executive Search Consultants at DELTACON have many years of management experience in the respective industries with a corresponding network and communicate with the top candidates on an equal footing. We work quickly, thoroughly, reliably, absolutely discreetly and with a very high quality standard. We design the recruitment process very transparently: You know where we stand in the process on a weekly basis - an honest status quo report is guaranteed.


Methodological skills

Executive search is a mixture between art and skill. The skill is a proven procedure for qualifying candidates and matching them with the client’s requirements. The art is using your industry expertise to find and inspire the right candidates. For this purpose, we use our diagnostic concept "PURE" to measure the degree of match between the agreed target profile of our clients and the profiles of our candidates. We use state-of-the-art diagnostic tools: DELTACON profiling, cultural due diligence and evaluation of references. Our services include multi-level and personal interviews and an intensive examination of the candidates’ documents.


Direct Search

Today, more than 80% of all top candidates have to be identified via direct search and actively and personally approached by our Executive Search Consultants in order to convince them to join our client. The quantitative and qualitative relevance of job advertisements in the relevant job portals and business networks fades into the background. We find the best candidates by drawing up a coordinated list of target companies and by our qualified initial approach at eye level. This regularly leads to excellent results: We present the ideal and motivated candidates!

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Industry focus of our executive search in Nuremberg


Executive Search & Recruiting for Electrical engineering

We manage projects in all areas such as transformers and chokes, power supplies and switched-mode power supplies, control cabinets and electrical installation. The industry is characterized by companies that have been operating successfully on the market for a very long time and are facing up to the current challenges of Industry 4.0 and digitalization of products. Many medium-sized, family-run companies offer the best opportunities for long-term professional development to excellent candidates.


Executive Search & Recruiting for Automation technology

We are your experts in the areas of bus systems, connectivity, electrical drive technology / motion & drives, frequency converters. Automation technology companies are among the leaders of Industry 4.0 and digitalization. Sustainable and profitable growth is generated through highly innovative products and IoT solutions. An ideal environment for top candidates.


Executive Search & Recruiting for Electronics

DELTACON Nuremberg has extensive expertise in the areas of component production, power electronics, distribution, EMS services, hardware and software development. In the course of ever-advancing digitalization and networking, this is a key industry. Challenges in electromobility, the energy transition and Industry 4.0 can only be solved with the help of electronics in all its aspects. A dynamic environment and strong growth characterize this industry.

How to find us

Deltacon Logo

DELTACON Executive Search & Recruiting GmbH
Olaf Kammerer
Nordostpark 25
90411 Nürnberg
+49 911 1488 5022


Our industry expertise at the Nuremberg office

Our Nuremberg office specializes in the electrical engineering, automation technology and electronics industries.
In addition to the Nuremberg location, we have further offices for our clients in the cities of Berlin, Vienna, Cologne, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Munich, Friedrichshafen, Munster, Koblenz and Zurich.

Frequently asked questions about executive search in Nuremberg

How do I react correctly when the headhunter calls?

First of all: don’t be scared! Good recruiters are not interested in putting you in an uncomfortable situation. So the initial interview will usually be very short: an introduction, description of the position, and a question about whether you are available for further interviews at a convenient time. Use the interview to gather important information for your professional situation and who knows: maybe your dream job is waiting for you.

How long do headhunters need to fill a position?

From the kick-off meeting to the presentation of the candidates, you can expect 6-8 weeks. After that, process times can vary significantly due to the availability of candidates as well as internal interview partners and, of course, the number of interviews scheduled. It is important to keep this phase as short as possible to avoid candidates dropping out. Depending on the candidates’ notice period, between one and nine additional months can pass before the first working day.

Are there Executive Search Consultants for electrical engineering?

The competence center electrical engineering at DELTACON Nürnberg GmbH specializes in filling senior technical and management positions. Thanks to our own management experience in electrical engineering, automation technology and electronics, we are able to identify and address the best candidates quickly and precisely, naturally also via our own network. When filling positions in tight candidate markets, addressing candidates at eye level is particularly decisive. Highly sought-after applicants will only respond if they receive precise and interesting information about the position. Industry knowledge on the part of the recruiter is also absolutely essential in the first telephone call; this is the only way to establish a more personal relationship with the candidate. The candidate perceives this as appreciation and will be more likely to decide to take the next steps in the application process.

Why does a headhunter ask about salary?

An important criterion in the selection of applicants is the candidate’s salary. Normally, a salary or salary range is assigned to a position. In order to clarify a match between the candidate’s ideas and the company at an early stage of the staffing process, this question is asked at the beginning of the interview. This also serves to avoid unnecessary expenditure of time on the part of the candidates - because if a high discrepancy is only discovered later in the process, all parties involved have already invested a lot of time. The question about current and target salary also serves to check the candidates’ knowledge of the market; developments in salary that are too large, but also too small, raise doubts.