Executive Search – Mechanical Engineering, Plant Engineering and Industrial Valves

Executive Search – Mechanical Engineering, Plant Engineering and Industrial Valves

Executive Search DELTACON Koblenz GmbH specializes in filling demanding positions in these industries. Mechanical Engineering and Plant Engineering with all its sub-sectors, their innovative strength and experts are among the flagships of the German economy. These experts include managers and decision-makers in the industry as well as the large number of highly specialized professionals and engineers. However, the much-cited shortage of skilled workers is also particularly noticeable in one of the largest sectors of the economy.

Companies in the Mechanical Engineering and Plant Engineering sector are facing enormous change, which can only be mastered with well-trained and creative employees who, when the time comes, also demonstrate the necessary courage for change. Only those companies that are able to attract and retain the best managers and specialists will be able to take advantage of the opportunities presented by the enormous restructuring that IoT (“Industrie 4.0”), hybridization and electrification will entail. As an experienced Executive Search Consultancy with extensive industry expertise, we know your market, your customers and competitors, and the specific requirements of your environment. We support our clients, primarily in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, in filling critical positions in professional fields such as sales, production management, marketing, business development and, of course, R&D. The focus of our Executive Search Consulting is he holistic view of our clients, its specifics and corporate culture. We consciously take the time for a comprehensive analysis, because top quality is what we aim for. In order to meet this requirements, we optimize the position description and identify suitable candidates in a short time using the instruments of direct search, our industry network and database research. In the targeted approach to suitable candidates, we try to inspire them to make a change. In the further course of the process, we match the corporate culture with the personality profile of the candidate by means of psychometric analysis, thus setting the highest standards in quality, professionalism and sustainability. DELTACON stands for industry know-how, highest quality, guarantees, methodological competence as well as success-based remuneration.


Thomas Wild

Executive Search Consultant for mechanical engineering, plant engineering and industrial fittings

+49 (0) 261 2043 9012

Thomas Wild is Managing Director of DELTACON Koblenz GmbH Executive Search and is responsible with his team for the mechanical engineering, plant engineering and industrial valves sectors. He has more than 20 years of operational management experience as Managing Director and Sales Manager in his industries.



Industry expertise

Direct Search

Methodological competence


Performance-based remuneration


Each Executive Search Consultant at DELTACON is responsible for his or her own industry competence center, which corresponds to his or her previous professional expertise. Extensive industry know-how and several years of successful work in management functions in the respective industry enable exchange and Executive Search Consulting at eye level. We know your markets, your customers, your competitors and the specific requirements of your environment very well.


Direct Search

Passive candidate search through ads has been increasingly unsuccessful for years. The interesting candidates must be actively identified, and purposefully approached to inspire them to change. Therefore, every recruitment effort is newly set up as direct search project: Target company list, identification, first contact, interviews - that's how we find the best candidates.



We use our “PURE” diagnostic concept for the perfect profile job match. The result is the degree of correspondence between the candidate profile of our clients and the profiles of the candidates. We intensively examine the candidates' documents and use state-of-the-art diagnostic tools: Psychometric Profiling and cultural due diligence, complemented by personally collected references using a professional questionnaire. The focus of the candidate evaluation is on leadership and management skills, value systems, and operational as well as strategic excellence.

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All accepted contracts are fulfilled: Over 90 % within the agreed time of 6-8 weeks - for the remaining almost 10 % applies: we are looking for until the position is filled! Active departures of our recruited candidates within the probationary period are infrequent. It is then quite clear that we repeat the search once without requesting another fee. Of course, the employees of our clients are protected with our don't-touch guarantee!



Our fee is two-thirds success-based! When commissioned by our clients, we charge a deposit, which initiates the search. A second installment is only due when we present the audited and most suitable candidates in the shortlist. The last installment is due after an employment contract is signed.




Executive Search Consulting Mechanical Engineering


Executive Search Consulting Plant Engineering

Personalberatung Industriearmaturen

Executive Search Consulting Industrial Valves


Mechanical Engineering: Machine Tools and Manufacturing Systems, Waste and Recycling Technology, General Air Technology, Drive Technology, Elevators and Escalators, Fire Fighting Technology, Conveyor Technology and Intralogistics, Woodworking Machinery, Air Conditioning and Ventilation Technology, Compressors, Compressed Air and Vacuum Technology, Refrigeration and Heat Pump Technology, Air Pollution Control, Food Processing and Packaging Machinery, Power Systems, Cleaning Systems, Welding and Compressed Gas Technology, Fabric and Leather Technologies, Textile Machinery

Plant Engineering: Process Engineering Machinery and Equipment, Hydropower, Wind Energy, Printing and Paper Technology, Foundry Machinery, Large-scale Plant Engineering, Metallurgical and Rolling Mill Equipment, Integrated Assembly Solutions, Plastics and Rubber Machinery, Thermal Turbines and Power Plants, Thermal Process Technology, Drying Technology

Industrial Valves: Valves, Drives and Pumps for the Power Plant, Chemical, O&G, Process, Water and Wastewater Industries, Fluid Technology, Water Treatment Plants, Wastewater Treatment, Equipment for Rainwater Treatment, Sludge Treatment Plants, Components for Water Treatment and Wastewater Treatment Technology, Agricultural Irrigation, Filter Presses, Filter Systems, Drinking and Fresh Water Supply, Seawater Desalination Plants, Industrial and Process Water Treatment (e.g. Compressors, Pumps, Vacuum technology)

QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS ABOUT PERSONNEL CONSULTING FOR Mechanical Engineering, Plant Engineering and Industrial Valves

Why is DELTACON Koblenz GmbH the ideal partner for the Mechanical Engineering, Plant Engineering and Industrial Valve sector?

DELTACON Koblenz specializes in the Mechanical Engineering and Plant Engineering and Industrial Valve sector and, is a reliable partner for its clients based on corresponding expertise.

Each DELTACON HR consultant is therefore responsible for his or her specific industry competence center on a supraregional basis and specializes in the requirements of the respective markets and products. Thomas Wild is responsible for the Competence Center Mechanical Engineering, Plant Engineering and Industrial Valves. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, he understands the needs of his clients, as well as the demands on their specialists and managers, and also knows the market competitors and their products. Tomorrow’s mobility will go through mechanical engineering. The market demands a variety of available technologies. The trend towards hybridization and electrification, as well as the development of synthetic, decarbonized fuels will also lead to strong changes in Mechanical and Plant Engineering. A large proportion of the companies in the sector are directly or indirectly dependent on the automotive industry or are influenced by its developments. These innovations, but also the developments around Power-to-X in connection with the push for renewable energies, offer many opportunities and challenges. Here, the employees as the acting person will be one of the decisive success factors. The constantly increasing demands on quality, materials, safety, as well as sustainability, efficiency and environmental protection will lead to a great need for well-trained skilled professionals and specialists. These form the foundation and determine the success of companies. We help our clients to find the best employees and thus to be future-proof. Mechanical Engineering and Plant Engineering is a highly innovative industry and is facing enormous changes. We have more than 25 years of operational experience in the Competence Center Mechanical Engineering and Plant Engineering and can therefore draw on a resilient network of candidates and decision-makers that has grown over the years. We are convinced that this experience is a basic prerequisite for successful consulting and therefore guarantee a fast and successful filling of your vacancies. For us, the entrepreneurial success of our clients is at the forefront of our actions. By selecting and presenting the most suitable candidates, we would like to make our contribution to this.

Why are not all jobs publicly sought?

There are many different reasons for the so-called "hidden job market". For example, it is more efficient and effective for clients to commission a personnel consultant with the targeted search for suitable candidates. The HR departments do not have to deal with the time-consuming process of selecting candidates themselves but receive a short list of the top candidates at short notice. This way, there is a significantly higher chance of an ideal filling of the vacancy. A wide variety of situations can be constructed as to why positions are not advertised publicly.

The following are further examples:
- short-term need
- planned restructuring
- the job holder is still active in the company and is to be replaced
- etc.

Since it is to be expected that this situation will not change in the long term, it is advantageous for candidates to present themselves on business networks and to engage in active networking.

What do many LinkedIn contacts bring?

Of course, it depends on what you want to achieve. If you are wondering what many LinkedIn contacts bring to the job search, then it must be said that a large network can be helpful. Basically, it is not exclusively the quantity of contacts that matters, but their quality. However, there are exceptions to this rule as well.

You should specifically influence the quality by, on the one hand, regularly searching for your new personal contacts - business as well as private - on LinkedIn and, if promising, networking with them. If you haven't already done so, also look for older contacts from your previous professional or academic life. Asking "what actually happened to that guy from the parallel class in elementary school?" can also lead to surprising results. Use them if it seems to make sense. Quantity deserves your attention, because LinkedIn defines your network not only through your direct contacts, but also down to several levels of your direct contacts. This in turn means that your "visibility" multiplies with each of your contacts. But: don't be afraid to not accept invitations if they don't seem to make sense to them. Ultimately, of course, a larger number of contacts increases the likelihood of being found. Nevertheless, you should avoid indiscriminately contacting every LinkedIn member.

What is meant by “Operational Excellence”?

„Operational Excellence"/OPEX means that structures, processes and behaviors along a company's value chain are aligned in such a way as to create a learning and continuously improving organization whose focus is on highly efficient implementation of customer requirements. The focus is on continuous, dynamic optimization of core processes through root cause elimination, to avoid waste. Decisions are made on the basis of figures, data and facts. These are determined using various methods that are applied individually and appropriately to the situation. On the one hand, the introduction of "Operational Excellence" is a guarantee for economic success, but on the other hand, it requires enormous, long-term efforts. Discipline, continuity and an accurate approach are crucial for successful implementation. Not least because of the enormous effort required to introduce OPEX, companies often decide to implement only individual elements of the overall concept, such as Lean Management. Lean Management is both a management philosophy and a collection of methods. The following methods are examples of this:
- 5S
- Andon
- Gemba
- Kanban
- Celldesign

As with all elements of OPEX, everything revolves around the consistent alignment of the value chain with customer benefits. It is by no means a matter of implementing only cost savings, although this is often a common side effect. Everywhere, where processes are recurring, the methods of Lean Management, which originally comes from the automotive industry, are applicable. Hardly any other method is capable of revolutionizing corporate culture in the way that Lean Management does. Those involved cannot imagine the gigantic potential before the method is introduced. An important success factor is the creation of a dynamic solution, performance and recognition culture. For our organization at DELTACON, LEAN Management and Operational Excellence are not BUZZ-WORDS, but everyday life.

Why do I send applications in PDF and not in Word?

There are many advantages to using PDF files in the application process. PDF files can be considered as a kind of "standardization" of documents. This ensures in almost all areas that your sent file can be opened and read by the recipient. Thus, there is no binding to a particular operating system or version of Word. If you use a different version of Word than the recipient, the formatting of your document could be changed, the readability could deteriorate significantly, and it could look unprofessional. Often the size of application files is also limited. Here, a PDF file offers advantages because it is smaller. Furthermore, the PDF format offers the advantage of combining all application documents in one file, if desired.

As a general rule, if the job posting does not specify a format or you are unsure, ask the recipient if they prefer a certain file format.

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Thomas Wild

Mechanical engineering, plant engineering and industrial fittings

+49 (0) 261 2043 9012wild@deltacon-exs.com