Dirk Aaron Bohl

Executive Search Consultant Dirk Aaron Bohl for Muenster


Dirk Aaron Bohl

Executive Search Consultant for Food Industry, Consumer Goods, FMCG, Retail, Beverage Industry & Food Ingredients as well as Executive Profiler©.

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Dirk Aaron Bohl is Managing Partner of DELTACON Muenster Executive Search and, together with his team, is responsible for the food & beverage, food service and mechanical engineering sectors for food production. As an Executive Profiler© he combines Executive Search with Executive Profiling. As a recognized expert in the Food & Beverages sector, he brings more than 20 years of management and leadership experience, including as VP Global Sales & Marketing, as GF Global Sales & Marketing and as a member of the Supervisory Board.

As an executive search expert, Dirk Aaron Bohl manages the office of DELTACON Muenster GmbH & CO. KG Executive Search. With his Competence Center, he supports companies from the consumer goods / FMCG, food & beverages, food ingredients and food retail industries in successfully filling executive positions in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. As an Executive Profiler©, he places a special focus on cultural diagnostics and cultural fit. With his many years of operational industry experience, he is considered an expert in executive search for CEOs, CFOs and CSOs as well as GF for corporate succession. Dirk Aaron Bohl acts as a sparring partner at eye level, knows the products, markets and competitors of his clients and is therefore able to identify the best high-caliber candidates very quickly via the classic direct search, via his excellent network and via his executive profiling and to inspire them to make a change.


Dirk Aaron Bohl was awarded with DELTACON as the best Executive Search Consultancy in Germany!


2022 Awarded by Focus Business magazine as top personnel service provider in the field of executive search

2021 Awarded by Focus Business magazine as top personnel service provider in the field of executive search

Why was DELTACON selected and awarded by Focus Business as one of the best Executive Search Consultancies? The consultants work quickly, thoroughly, absolutely discreetly and with extremely high quality standards. And with its PURE concept, DELTACON provides its clients with candidates who have been intensively screened using diagnostic tools. Their candidates fit the client and make their clients more successful. DELTACON creates values.


2020 Award for top consultant in the field of medium-sized businesses. The decisive factor for the award was a customer-oriented and SME-oriented consulting performance.

2019 Headhunter of the Year" award as the best Executive Search Consultancy. The top-class jury was impressed by the clear client and candidate focus as well as the sound methodological competence and deep industry knowledge.

2018 Headhunter of the Year" award for best executive search firm in the Client Experience sector

Important stations


until today

DELTACON Executive Search

Managing Partner & Executive Profiler ©
Head of the branches Consumer Goods / FMCG, Food & Beverages, Food Ingredients and Food Retail.
 Expert in Executive Profiling and Cultural Diagnostic.


until 2013


Vice President Global Sales & Marketing
Food Professionals, Food Industry Retail & Foodservice Management Business Unit including key account team, field sales, product development, marketing.


until 2010


Sales Director Europe
Food Professionals, Food Industry Retail & Foodservice Management Business Unit including key account team, field sales, product development, marketing.


until 2006


Managing Director Global Sales & Marketing
Business Unit Management incl. Key Account Team, Field Sales, Product Development, Marketing.


until 2006

Deutsche Bildung Holding AG

Supervisory Board Mandate
Study financing via sustainable study funds for educational opportunities and educational success of students.
 Overseeing the Board of Directors in the design and strategic direction of the business model.


until 2005

FUCHS Foodservice

Sales Director Europe
Management Business Unit including key account team


until 1999

Kraft Jacobs Suchard Away from Home

Head of National Key Account
Foodservice, Vending, HoReCa, Catering as well as GV.


until 1995


National Marketing & Sales Manager Austria
Head of Business Unit incl. Key Account Team, Field Sales, Product Development, Marketing. Awarded AGRAR Marketing Prize Austria


until 1990


Manager Trade Marketing & Category Management
National/ international trade marketing concepts as well as building category leadership.


until 1990

Kempten University of Applied Sciences - University of Applied Sciences

Study of business administration
Focus on marketing, trade marketing, international marketing. Graduation as Diplom Betriebswirt. International Marketing Scholarship at the University of Ulster / Belfast - Northern Ireland.

Industry focus of Dirk Aaron Bohl


Executive Search Consulting food industry

At Personalberatung Muenster, we have been managing challenging projects in all areas of the food industry for many years. Our special expertise lies in the staffing of CEOs and managing directors as well as high-caliber specialists. Our focus is on the food industry, consumer goods, FMCG, branded goods, private label as well as food retail. We understand the supply chain, OPEX and the value chain, are familiar with all phases of the business and have supported several change management and transformation projects. Our know-how is rounded off by a deep understanding of brand and private label. Due to our industry expertise, we understand our clients' expectations and deliver high-caliber candidates with an ideal cultural fit in a short period of time.


Executive Search Consulting beverage industry

In the beverage industry, our special expertise lies in the search and staffing of CEOs and managing directors as well as high-caliber specialists. Here, we cover the supply chain and the value chain in B2B & B2C in the Executive Search Consultancy Muenster. Our industry expertise includes the following product categories: Hot Beverages, Cold Beverages, Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic Beverages as well as Milk Mixed Beverages. This industry sector is particularly characterized by strong structural changes and also faces strongly changing consumer trends. The concentration process of recent years also requires that the right managers take on responsibility in the companies at the right time, whereby they must in particular bring the ideal cultural fit to the corporate culture.


Executive Search Consulting Foodservice

The foodservice industry with all relevant channels of the out-of-home market is also part of our core competence. Our long-standing expertise covers the following sectors: Food Manufacturers B2B, System Caterers, Hospitality, Quick Service and System Catering, Delivery Specialist Wholesalers, Food Store Chains, Food Convenience, Delivery Service and Home Delivery as well as Vending, Operating and OCS companies. Special expertise lies in the search for and appointment of CEOs and managing directors as well as high-caliber specialists who bring with them a strong customer orientation and a high level of understanding of service. Especially in this segment, corporate culture, leadership culture and understanding of values are the decisive success factor.

Frequently asked questions to Dirk Aaron Bohl

What does executive profiling mean in Executive Search Consulting?

Executive profiling is a process in which the personality profile of an executive manager is made as transparent as possible, with the aim of ensuring an ideal fit with the corporate culture, the direct supervisor and the requirements profile of the position. In this process, the diagnostic methodology of personality analysis is combined with professional executive search methodology. Subsequently, the ideal fit of the executive manager, i.e. the degree of correspondence to the target profile of the position as well as the fit to the corporate culture, is compared. Essential areas of the executive manager are highlighted: personal value systems, C-level skills and competence clusters, essential leadership skills, intrinsic motivation and life motives as well as a psychometric strengths profile.

What does Cultural Diagnostic mean in Executive Search Consulting?

Cultural Diagnostic is used in Executive Search Consulting to make the "black box" of corporate culture transparent. As soon as the foundation of the lived culture is clear, the ideal cultural fit of a candidate to the corporate culture can be ensured on this basis within the framework of an executive profiling. This requires developing a deep understanding of culture, which is defined as a sum of behavioral norms, meanings and values or reference points used by a company's employees to construct their unique view of the world and define their identity. Crucial is the understanding that corporate culture is always driven by people and is the sum of the personality profiles of the relevant stakeholders as well as the leadership styles actually lived with their specific characteristics.

How do we guarantee the ideal cultural fit of a candidate?

At DELTACON we combine the essential components: Cultural Diagnostic and Executive Profiling as well as Direct Search Expertise and Industry Know How.
Sound Executive Search Consulting starts with the analysis of your corporate culture. For this purpose, we use scientifically based profiling instruments that capture, among other things, values, norms, personality profiles and leadership characteristics. Thanks to our award-winning professional executive search methodology combined with our management and industry experience, we know where to find the real top candidates, how to identify them, how to address them in a qualified manner at eye level and how to inspire them to make a change. Subsequently, today's relevant management skills are evaluated and matched with the requirement profile by means of executive matching.

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