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Executive Search Dusseldorf

Executive Search & Recruiting Dusseldorf

The Dusseldorf site with its Competence Centre Chemical Industry, Coatings & Paints and Plastics Processing Industry is headed by our Managing Director Dr. Achim Gast. He supports his clients as a Executive Search Consultant in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in filling management positions as well as specialist and executive staff. He advises his clients on the description of positions and, together with his team, identifies suitable candidates in a short time using the instruments of direct search, profiling and database research.


DELTACON stands for industry know-how, reliability, highest quality and guarantee


The Rhine metropolis Dusseldorf is one of the five most important, internationally strongly interwoven economic centres in Germany. Dusseldorf is a trade fair city and home of the headquarters of many listed companies as well as an important financial and stock exchange centre.
Due to its first-class infrastructure, Dusseldorf is one of the most important traffic hubs in Europe.  Dusseldorf's strong international orientation contributes to the fact that top employees from all over the world feel at home here.
The city also occupies a leading position as the location for 22 universities, including the renowned Dusseldorf Academy of Art and the Heinrich Heine University. Dusseldorf also enjoys supra-regional fame due to its old town ("longest bar in the world"), its shopping boulevard Königsallee ("Kö") and its Dusseldorf carnival. Further attractions are numerous museums and galleries as well as the Rhine promenade with the modern media harbour. The cityscape is also characterised by numerous high-rise buildings and church towers, the 240-metre high Rhine Tower, many architectural monuments and seven Rhine bridges.
The vibrant life with many cultural highlights, events and festivals, as well as recreational opportunities, ensure a high quality of life. Above all, the strong infrastructure helps us especially in recruiting the best candidates.
The region from Essen via Dusseldorf to Cologne and Bonn is one of the largest and most important locations of the chemical industry in Europe. 250 chemical companies with over 80,000 employees have settled in and around the important chemical and plastics centres in Oberhausen, Dormagen, Leverkusen, Knapsack, Wesseling, Luelsdorf and Troisdorf.
Within the various branches of the chemical industry, the companies in the basic chemicals sector form the main focus in the region. In addition, however, the entire range of branches of the chemical industry is represented in the Rhineland, such as plastics processors, the pharmaceutical industry as well as manufacturers of personal care products, paints and varnishes and rubber products. Numerous industry-related service companies have also settled in the vicinity of the production plants.

Your advantages working with your Executive Search & Recruiting partner in Dusseldorf

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Industry and management experience

We speak your language, understand your company and your expectations. All Executive Search Consultants at DELTACON have many years of management experience in your industries with the appropriate network and speak to top candidates on an equal footing. We work quickly, thoroughly, reliably, absolutely discreetly and with very high quality standards. We make the recruitment process very transparent: You know where we stand in the process on a weekly basis - an honest status quo report is guaranteed.


Competence in Methods

With our "PURE" diagnostic concept, we in the Dusseldorf Executive Search Consultancy measure the degree of match between the agreed target profile of our clients and the profiles of our candidates.  We use the latest diagnostic instruments: DELTACON profiling, cultural due diligence and evaluation of references. Our services include multi-stage and personal interviews and we check the candidates' documents. With our PURE concept, we not only supply candidates from targeted companies, but also check which of these candidates best suits the client.


Direct Search

Today, more than 80% of all top candidates have to be identified via direct search and actively and personally approached by our Executive Search Consultants in order to encourage them to join our clients. We find the best candidates by developing a coordinated target company list and identifying the most suitable candidates. A qualified initial contact and the implementation of competence-based interviews, supported by sophisticated diagnostic tools, regularly lead to excellent results: A silver platter with ideal and motivated candidates!

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Industry focus of our Dusseldorf Executive Search Consultancy

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Executive Search Consulting for Chemical Industry

In the Dusseldorf Executive Search Consultancy, we handle challenging projects in all areas of the chemical industry with a focus on organic and inorganic chemistry, basic chemicals, specialty chemicals, coatings, additives, solvents, fillers, pigments and dyes, and mineral oil processing. The industry contributes to value creation at all levels of industrial production. Specialised medium-sized niche suppliers can be found here as well as large international groups. We at DELTACON are the ideal partner because our industry expertise enables us to understand the wishes of our clients and to find suitable candidates for these requirements.

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Executive Search Consulting for Coatings & Paints

In the Dusseldorf Executive Search Consultancy, we handle demanding projects in the areas of paints and coatings, coating materials, surface treatment, coatings, paint raw materials, application technology, plant engineering and construction, and application and coating technology. The paint and coatings industry consists of a large number of small and medium-sized companies and a small number of international corporations. There is a lack of above-average candidates and specialists. We have made it our business to provide you with top performers in the respective segments.

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Executive Search Consulting for the plastics processing industry

In the Dusseldorf Executive Search Consultancy, we support projects in all areas of the plastics processing industry. These include automotive suppliers, film technology, application technology, packaging manufacturers, construction suppliers and manufacturers of composite systems. As a result of the increasing demands for environmental compatibility of products, the focus in future will be on environmentally friendly product design with excellent recyclability.

How to find us

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Our industry expertise at the Dusseldorf location

Our Dusseldorf location is focused on the chemical industry, coatings & paints and the plastics processing industry. In addition, we in Dusseldorf are happy to be your first contact for the other sectors of DELTACON Executive Search

Frequently asked questions about Executive Search Consulting in Dusseldorf

Why is DELTACON Dusseldorf GmbH the ideal partner for the chemical industry, coatings & paints and plastics processing industry?

High-quality and sustainable advice to our clients always requires the respective Executive Search Consultant to have comprehensive knowledge of the industry. As a matter of principle, DELTACON only works with Executive Search Consultants who can call on a corresponding expertise in the respective industry.
Each DELTACON Executive Search Consultant is therefore responsible for his or her specific industry competence centre on a supra-regional basis and specialises in the requirements of the respective markets and products.
Dr. Achim Gast is responsible for the Competence Centre Chemical Industry, Coatings & Paints and Plastics Processing Industry. Thanks to over 30 years of experience in the industry, he understands the needs of his clients and the requirements of their specialists and managers and also knows the market players and their products.
The constantly increasing demands on quality, materials, safety, as well as sustainability, efficiency and environmental protection lead to an increasing need for well-trained and skilled workers and specialists. They form the basis of the company's success. We help our clients to find the best and thus to be prepared for the future.

How does DELTACON support its clients and candidates after signing a contract?

A special feature of our Executive Search Consulting services are our guarantees. Despite our intensive examination, it can happen that a recruited candidate leaves our client's company on his own within the probation period. By using our diagnostic tools we achieve the best possible and objective match between the candidate profile agreed with the client and the profiles of our candidates. We remain in close contact with both our clients and the candidates in a relationship of mutual trust even after the project has been completed.

What do I have to consider when doing an interview via video call?

Not only in times of Corona we observe a strong trend towards interviews via video call. The advantage is that a video interview can be conducted at any time and any place. Long time-consuming journeys to personal preliminary talks are avoided.
The following points should be noted:
o Use a suitable and common software. The most common providers are Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams and WhatsApp. Downloads are usually available free of charge from the respective manufacturers.
o Check your software profile. Have you chosen an appropriate name?
o Agenda and time frame should be coordinated. It is best to be ready to start 15 minutes before the scheduled start.
o Choose the appropriate dress code. As a rule, the outfit that is suitable for a personal meeting in the company is also suitable for a video call.
o Choose a suitable location for the interview. Avoid disturbing sources and background noise. Switch your mobile phone off silently or completely. Check the technology and network access in advance.
During the interview: Pay attention to your body language! Smile, eye contact and non-verbal communication are visible in the video call!

How can a candidate in the over 50 age group increase his or her chances of applying?

When applying as a candidate of the age group over 50, you should emphasise your strengths. There may be many of these, for example:
You have a wealth of experience that younger people usually do not have. This background creates a self-confidence that helps you to find a new challenge. You know what you can do and what you want.
Reputation and network
In the course of your professional life you have already been able to collect a number of references. You have an extensive and resilient network that could possibly be an advantage for a new employer.
You can specify your ideas, strengths, interests and values. If your ideas coincide with those of the company, you will find together.