Executive Search for Telecommunications & Information Technology

Executive Search for Telecommunications, Consumer Electronics & Information Technology

Location Munich

Top-level executive search and recruiting - DELTACON is your ideal partner for the industries Telecommunications, Consumer Electronics & IT

The industry sectors Telecommunikations, Information Technology and Automotive are characterized by rapid innovation cycles, high Level of complexity and strong focus on technology. Being experienced industry experts we are well-grounded in the neccessary expertise for a tailor-made consultancy for our clients and a fast and efficient recruiting process for filling their vacancies. Our broad industry knowledge combined with our large and international network of contacts enables us to communicate with both candidates and industry leaders on an equal footing.

Klaus Mayerhanser

Klaus Mayerhanser
+49 89 829 58 319



We are your strong partner in the following industry sectors:

Landline/DSL-Providers, Mobile Network Providers, Mobile Terminals, Mobile Service Providers, Navigation, Cable Providers, Network Equipment

Information Technology
Software Companies, Hardware, Internet, Web-Hosting, Web-Server Providers

Publishers, Elektronic Media, Music, Film and Television Production

Consumer Electronics
Consumer Electronics, Audio and Visual Recordings, Ton- und Bildträger, Electrical Devices

Producer, Supplier, Services, Mobility