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About our location Munich

The location Munich with its Competence Centre Telecommunications, Information Technology and Consumer Electronics is headed by our Managing Director Klaus Mayerhanser. He supports his clients with the Munich Executive Search Consultancy in filling management positions as well as important specialists in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


DELTACON Executive Search, Munich-based Executive Search Consultancy, presents exclusively TOP candidates due to its many years of expertise in direct search, its methodological competence and proven diagnostic tools. We have a strong network in our industries and complement this pool of candidates with our Direct Search approach and intensive database research. DELTACON stands for industry know-how, highest quality, reliability and extensive guarantees. Our fulfillment rate is 98% - within 6-8 weeks. For these achievements we were awarded as the best Executive Search Consultancy in Germany in the field of Executive Search. You can trust us.

The Bavarian capital Munich is one of the European centres for the technology sectors of telecommunications, information technology and consumer electronics. World market leaders and hidden champions from these sectors have their German or even European headquarters in Munich. An excellent infrastructure, Munich Airport, two world-renowned universities, a wide range of top-class cultural and gastronomic facilities and an extremely attractive surrounding area make Munich an attractive location for successful and globally active companies and make it easier for us as a Executive Search Consultancy to attract the most interesting candidates for our clients.

Your advantages with Executive Search Consulting in Munich


Business and management experience

We speak your language, understand your company and your expectations. All Executive Search Consultants at DELTACON have many years of management experience in your industries with the appropriate network and speak to top candidates at eye level. We work quickly, thoroughly, reliably, absolutely discreetly and with very high quality standards. We make the recruitment process very transparent: You know where we stand in the process on a weekly basis - an honest status quo report is guaranteed.


Methodological Competence

With our diagnostic concept "PURE", we in the Munich Executive Search Consultancy measure the degree of agreement between the agreed target profile of our clients and the
Profiles of our candidates.  We use the latest diagnostic instruments: DELTACON profiling, cultural due diligence and evaluation of
references. Our services include multi-stage and personal interviews and we check the candidates' documents. With our PURE concept, we not only supply candidates from the target companies, but also check which of these candidates best matches the client.


Direct Search

Today, more than 80% of all top candidates have to be identified via a direct search and actively and personally approached by our Executive Search Consultants in order to convince them to join our clients. We find the best candidates by compiling a coordinated target company list and identifying the most suitable candidates. A qualified initial contact and the implementation of competence-based interviews, supported by sophisticated diagnostic tools, regularly lead to excellent results: A silver platter with the ideal and motivated candidates!

Do you have questions about Executive Search Consulting in Munich?

Branch focus of the Executive Search Consultancy Munich


Executive Search Consulting Telecommunications

For many years, we have been managing demanding projects in all sectors within the telecommunications industry such as network operators for fixed and mobile networks, smartphones, broadband, fibre optics, IP telephony, routers, switches and network equipment suppliers. This industry is characterised by very fast product cycles, innovations and enormous speed. We at DELTACON are the ideal partner, because we provide our clients with suitable candidates in a short time despite intensive examination processes.


Executive Search Consulting IT

At Executive Search Munich, we manage many challenging projects for our clients in the fast-moving and dynamic IT industry with sub-sectors of information technology such as software CRM, SaaS, IT hardware, PCs, monitors, servers, hosting, IoT, cloud or security. There is a shortage of above-average candidates in the IT industry and our profession is to deliver top profiles to our clients nevertheless.


Executive Search Consulting Consumer Electronics

At the Munich-based recruitment consultancy, we supervise numerous projects in the sub-sectors of the consumer electronics product world. The most relevant include
Home entertainment, consumer electronics, sound, TV, streaming, photo, gaming or home appliances. In addition, there are new fields such as Connected Home or security solutions for the home, such as cameras via WLAN connections.

These customers are convinced of us


"Very professional selection interviews. Very honest and direct feedback interviews. Sustained interest in the candidates and the client - you can tell that Klaus Mayerhanser really only wants to send promising candidates into the race! In the environment of many headhunters and personnel consultants, this personnel consultancy can really be described as exemplary."

Heiko Hambückers, Member of the Board of Directors of 1&1 Telecommunication SE

How to find us

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DELTACON Executive Search & Recruiting GmbH
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80636 München
+49 (89) 1891 2271


Our branch competence at the Munich location

Our Munich office focuses on the telecommunications, IT and consumer electronics industries.
In addition, we are happy to be your first point of contact in Munich for the other sectors of DELTACON Executive Search

Frequently asked questions about Executive Search Consulting in Munich

What are the advantages of a mandate versus a placement in a Executive Search Consultancy?

A mandate offers numerous advantages for the client: The quality of the candidates: During the mandate, the Executive Search Consultant advises intensively and delivers tailor-made candidates from the coordinated target companies after multi-stage and personal interviews and a check using diagnostic tools. Recruitment based on placements is nothing more than CV trading! guarantees: Only in the case of a mandate does the client receive guarantees: Replacement guarantee, appointment promise and don't touch guarantee. Motivation for change: In the case of a mandate, the candidates' motivation for change is intensively questioned and validated: what is missing from the candidate's current employer, what bothers him and where does he want to develop to? This significantly reduces the risk of the top candidate dropping out in the end. The client's reputation: If several Executive Search Consultancies are commissioned at the same time and the same candidates are approached by the same Executive Search Consultants, it will appear on the market as if the company is desperately looking for good employees. Data protection: In the case of a mandate, candidates are actively asked in the interviews whether they really want to be presented to the client. During the placement process, candidates are often presented first and then asked.

Which psychometric tests does DELTACON Executive Search use?

Psychometric tests come from empirical psychology. They are used, for example, in intelligence tests or in personnel selection.
We at DELTACON Executive Search use psychometric tests to match the client's requirements for a position with the profile of a candidate. With our online-based DELTACON Profiling we analyse the personality traits, thought patterns, behavioural characteristics and main interests of the candidates. By means of the characteristics "energy level, decision-making and assertiveness as well as independence" we record, for example, the leadership and management competence of the candidates.

How do you recognise a professional Executive Search Consultancy?

On the market of Executive Search Consulting there are strong differences in quality. Professional and successful Executive Search Consulting can be recognised by the following criteria:
How long has the Executive Search Consultancy been on the market? DELTACON was founded in 2011 as a spin-off of a Swiss Executive Search Consultancy. What awards has the Executive Search Consultancy received? DELTACON's services have been confirmed and recognised by several awards. We are especially proud of the "Headhunter of the Year" award as best Executive Search Consultancy and the Top Consultant. How does the Executive Search Consultancy find suitable candidates? DELTACON works mainly via direct search: candidates are identified from the agreed target companies and actively and personally approached by our Executive Search Consultants.
How does the Executive Search Consultancy check the candidates? DELTACON conducts competence-based personal interviews and checks the quality and fit of the candidates using sophisticated diagnostic tools.

How long does it take to fill a position with a Executive Search Consultancy?

About six weeks after placing the order, a professional Executive Search Consultancy provides its clients with a shortlist of 3-5 perfectly fitting candidates. The candidates come from the agreed target companies, have been interviewed in several stages, checked by psychometric profiling and are interested in the company and the job. The duration of the entire selection process is now in the hands of the client.