Executive Search for the Electrical Industry and Automation

Executive Search for the Electrical Industry and Automation

We offer many years of industry expertise in the electrical industry and automation. As experienced Executive Search Consultants, we know your market, your customers, and competitors as well as the specific requirements of your environment. Every partner at DELTACON has a successful management career - in your industry. With our direct search approach, we identify the appropriate candidates and address them specifically to inspire them to change.

DELTACON Nuremberg specializes in the sectors of drive technology, automation technology, measurement and testing technology, power supplies as well as development, production, and distribution of electronics. We support our clients in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland in filling positions in management and of essential specialists. We advise our clients, optimize the job description, and identify suitable candidates in a short time using direct search, our industry network, and database research. DELTACON stands for industry expertise, highest quality, guarantees, methodological competence as well as performance-based remuneration.


Olaf Kammerer

Executive Search Consultant for electrical engineering, automation and electronics

+49 (0) 911 1488 5022

Olaf Kammerer is Managing Director of DELTACON Nuremberg GmbH Executive Search and is responsible with his team for the electrical engineering, automation and electronics sectors. He boasts over ten years of operational management experience as a commercial managing director and sales manager in his industries.


Marco Bott

Executive Search Consultant for electrical engineering, automation and electronics

+49 (0) 911 1488 5028

Marco Bott has more than 18 years of professional experience in various responsible positions in international mechanical and plant engineering, including 6 years in a management function. As a state-certified electrical engineer and industrial engineer specializing in mechanical engineering, he covers the full range of technology and business. An MBA from FAU Erlangen rounds off his profile.

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Industry expertise

Direct Search

Methodological competence


Performance-based remuneration


Every Executive Search Consultant at DELTACON is an expert in its industry competence center, which is supervised nationwide, especially in the entire DACH (German-speaking) region. The respective DELTACON partner has successfully worked in management positions for many years in the industries of the competence center. We understand your markets, your customers and competitors, and the specific requirements of your environment from our own experience and can, therefore, give you optimal advice. DELTACON Nuremberg specializes in the sectors of drive technology, automation technology, measurement and testing technology, power supplies as well as development, production, and distribution of electronics.

Personalberatung Elektroindustrie

Direct Search

Passive candidate search through ads has been increasingly unsuccessful for years. The interesting candidates must be actively identified, and purposefully approached to inspire them to change. Therefore, every recruitment effort is newly set up as direct search project: Target company list, identification, first contact, interviews - that's how we find the best candidates.



We use our “PURE” diagnostic concept for the perfect profile job match. The result is the degree of correspondence between the candidate profile of our clients and the profiles of the candidates. We intensively examine the candidates' documents and use state-of-the-art diagnostic tools: Psychometric Profiling and cultural due diligence, complemented by personally collected references using a professional questionnaire. The focus of the candidate evaluation is on leadership and management skills, value systems, and operational as well as strategic excellence.

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All accepted contracts are fulfilled: Over 90 % within the agreed time of 6-8 weeks - for the remaining almost 10 % applies: we are looking for until the position is filled! Active departures of our recruited candidates within the probationary period are infrequent. It is then quite clear that we repeat the search once without requesting another fee. Of course, the employees of our clients are protected with our don't-touch guarantee!



Our fee is two-thirds success-based! When commissioned by our clients, we charge a deposit, which initiates the search. A second installment is only due when we present the audited and most suitable candidates in the shortlist. The last installment is due after an employment contract is signed.




Executive Search & Recruiting for Electrical engineering


Executive Search & Recruiting for Automation technology


Executive Search & Recruiting for Electronics


Automation: SPS, PLC, Fieldbus systems, I/O systems, touch panels, connection technology, safety-related automation

Drive technology: Electric motors, servo technology, frequency converters, drive electronics, gearboxes, fans, and fan motors

Electronics: Production of active and passive components, microcontrollers, power electronics, distribution, PCB manufacturing, PCB assembly, hardware development, software development

Power engineering: Transformers & chokes, power supplies, switching power supplies, UPS systems, control cabinets, power distribution

Electromobility: Charging infrastructure, smart grids, measuring and testing technology, battery and charging technology


Why is DELTACON the ideal partner for clients in Electrical Industries and Automation?

Our clients expect the highest standards in Executive Search. We are able to fulfil these requirements due to the management and industry experience of our managing partner, Mr. Olaf Kammerer. He has been working in management positions in these industries for 15 years and knows the requirements by heart across all functions, including engineering, financial, sales and HR.

What is the significance of a job specification?

A job specification is a statement of employee characteristics and qualifications required for satisfactory performance of defined duties and tasks comprising a specific job or function. The job specification is derived from a job analysis, which defines the tasks be performed by the respective employee and his responsibilities and how the job is embedded in the company's organization and processes. Additionally, the job specification defines the requirements, which qualification and experience the respective employee must possess, i.e. the candidate's profile.

What is Direct Search?

80% of candidates do not actively look for a job, but they would find an offered position interesting. Headhunters and Executive Search Consultancies choose “Direct Search” as the fastest and most efficient search method identifying suitable candidates who match the given job profile and make contact with them directly.

How does the ideal application look like?

The requirements for a complete application differ from country to country, even within German speaking countries and within Europe. Typically, the application contains a covering letter (motivation letter) and the CV (in American English "resume") with copies of references and educational certificates (graduation, exams, university degrees) and language skills. Ideally, the CV starts with a short summary of most characteristics, skills and personality profile (bullet points), followed by a detailed description of the employers in chronological order starting with the latest employer first.

If we have aroused your interest, contact us



Olaf Kammerer

Electrical engineering, automation and electronics

+49 (0) 911 1488 5022kammerer@deltacon.com


Marco Bott

Electrical engineering, automation and electronics

+49 (0) 911 1488 5028bott@deltacon.com