Why is DELTACON the ideal partner for its clients in the Automotive and Industrial/Off Highway industry?

Our sophisticated clients expect a deep knowledge about the specific industry branch for a professional sound consultancy. Doing this, it is essential to find the right approach at eyes level towards the candidates, which only succeeds via one own management and industry knowledge. Frank Bühl, Managing Director of DELTACON Friedrichshafen GmbH has over 20 years international, operational experience domestic and abroad in the Automotive, Industrial/Off Highway – Off Road industry and knows these markets and their specific requirements very well and guarantees HR consultancy at its best.

By Klaus Mayerhanser

Executive Search Consultant for Telecommunications, IT & Consumer Electronics

Klaus Mayerhanser is a founding partner and Managing Director of DELTACON Executive Search. With his team, he is responsible for the telecommunications, information technology and consumer electronics sectors and heads our office in Munich. In addition to his Executive Search Consulting activities, he has ten years of operational management experience in sales and marketing functions within the ICT industry.