Why is DELTACON Executive Search the ideal partner for start-ups?

DELTACON Executive Search specialises in the pharmaceutical industry, and in the medical technology and diagnostics fields.
In addition to the well-established and highly-successful companies that have existed for many years within the pharmaceutical industry, and the medical technology and diagnostics fields, there are also countless highly agile, innovative start-ups. These are typically funded by one or more venture-capital or private-equity investors. After many years of intensive and expensive research and development, their primary goal is to launch the product as quickly as possible, whilst ensuring success. From the standpoint of Executive Search, we have a highly-differentiated task when faced with filling vacancies at C-level. These start-ups require a type of executive-management employee who, on the one hand, will be an outstanding specialist with excellent knowledge of the product, the competitors and the market niche, whilst on the other hand having the entrepreneurial talent and experience required to implement strategy and bring a product to launch as quickly as possible.

This is another example of how DELTACON Executive Search can draw on its in-depth expertise from industry derived from the Competence Centre for an efficient Direct Search. As human-resources consultants, we can count on our growing network of decision-makers and candidates, facilitating quick and direct contact, and enabling us to maintain discussions on an equal footing.

By Thomas Heeger

Executive Search Consultant for pharmaceutical industry, medical technology and diagnostics

Thomas Heeger is a founding partner of DELTACON and Managing Partner of DELTACON at our location in Switzerland in Zurich. His Competence Center covers the Life Science sector with the pharmaceutical industry, medical technology and diagnostics. As an “industry insider” with more than 20 years of management and leadership experience in leading companies, he knows the business in international corporations, their subsidiaries, but also the needs and issues in innovative life science start-ups.