Why are not all jobs publicly sought?

There are many different reasons for the so-called “hidden job market”. For example, it is more efficient and effective for clients to commission a personnel consultant with the targeted search for suitable candidates. The HR departments do not have to deal with the time-consuming process of selecting candidates themselves but receive a short list of the top candidates at short notice. This way, there is a significantly higher chance of an ideal filling of the vacancy. A wide variety of situations can be constructed as to why positions are not advertised publicly.

The following are further examples:

  • short-term need
  • planned restructuring
  • the job holder is still active in the company and is to be replaced
  • etc.

Since it is to be expected that this situation will not change in the long term, it is advantageous for candidates to present themselves on business networks and to engage in active networking.

By Thomas Wild

Executive Search Consultant for mechanical engineering, plant engineering and industrial fittings

Thomas Wild is Managing Director of DELTACON Koblenz GmbH Executive Search and is responsible with his team for the mechanical engineering, plant engineering and industrial valves sectors. He has more than 20 years of operational management experience as Managing Director and Sales Manager in his industries.