Which search methods do we use at DELTACON?

Together with our customer we create a suitable qualification and personality profile. As a result, 80 % of all top candidates are identified from the market via a professional direct search process and personally approached in a targeted manner to inspire them to change.

With our diagnostic concept “PURE” we measure the degree of match between the candidate profile of our clients and the profiles of our candidates. Using state-of-the-art diagnostic instruments such as DELTACON Profiling, Cultural Due Diligence, 9 LEVELS of Value Systems, REISS Motivation Profiles and reference evaluation, we screen our candidates and determine their leadership and management competencies, value systems and “operational excellence”. We combine Executive Profiling and Cultural Due Diligence, whereby we achieve a high degree of reliability, which leads to the best possible fit of the candidates to your corporate culture.

By Dr. Achim Gast

Executive Search Consultant for Chemical Industry, Paints & Coatings and Plastics Processing Industry

Dr. Achim Gast is Managing Director of DELTACON Executive Search. Together with his team, he is responsible for the chemical industry, paints & coatings and the plastics processing industry. In addition to his work as a Executive Search Consultant, Dr. Achim Gast has 30 years of management experience in sales, development, production and executive management functions in the chemical industry.