What are the advantages of hiring a Executive Search consultant over e-recruiting?

In recent years, there have been some changes in the recruiting sector and e-recruiting is gaining importance, but especially when it comes to filling executive positions, recruitment consultancies are still the best option. HR professionals and candidates increasingly complain about the impersonality of the digital application process. When companies accept applications via online forms, they are often sorted out in a first selection round by bots that check the information for completeness or certain keywords – without a human being having read the application. This is anonymous and impersonal and therefore usually frustrating for both sides. The high visibility of digital job ads also sometimes results in an unexpected flood of applicants – often numerous unsuitable or insufficiently qualified applicants. Although Generation Z and many older jobseekers are now easily accessible via e-recruiting, there are numerous advantages to recruiting managers via recruitment consultants:

  1. We usually already know some potentially appealing candidates to fill an executive position in a certain area.
  2. we know how to target candidates who are not currently available, whereas e-recruiting is mainly used by jobseekers.
  3. we are very good at assessing which candidates should be shortlisted by a company to fill a management position based on our experience.
  4. instead of being anonymous and impersonal, we accompany the applicant process professionally, discreetly and precisely.

By Daniel Frankenberg

Executive Search Consultant for consumer goods / FMCG (non food), retail, outdoor & lifestyle, packaging materials

As Director Executive Search, Daniel Frankenberg is responsible for the sectors consumer goods / FMCG (non food), retail, outdoor & lifestyle and packaging throughout Europe from his office in Berlin. Daniel Frankenberg has more than 20 years of operational top management experience in purchasing, sales and marketing functions within the consumer goods industry and retail.