What does C-level position mean?

The term C-level position refers to the top management level of a company. The term originates from the Anglo-Saxon language area, but is now also common in the DACH region. The term is not anchored in German commercial and company law, but corresponds to the managing director of a limited liability company or the board member of a stock corporation.

The best-known C-level positions are CEO (Chief Executive Officer), CFO (Chief Financial Officer) and COO (Chief Operating Officer). There are also the terms CMO (Chief Marketing Officer), CIO (Chief Information Officer) and CTO (Chief Technology Officer). In certain industries, there are also other C-level positions according to the specific requirements of the respective industry, such as the CRO (Chief Risk Officer) in banks and insurance companies.

Filling C-Level positions is one of the top priorities in executive search. Only with excellent methodological skills, a resilient network at decision-maker level (such as on the supervisory board, advisory board or with the company owners) can these positions, which are critical to the success of the company, be filled. Due to the management and industry experience of its partners, DELTACON Executive Search & Recruiting has exactly this knowledge to fill positions at this level.

This know-how of the partners is part of DELTACON’s success, and not only for this reason DELTACON Executive Search was awarded as Germany’s best executive search consultancy in 2019.

By Olaf Kammerer

Executive Search Consultant for electrical engineering, automation and electronics

Olaf Kammerer is Managing Director of DELTACON Nuremberg GmbH Executive Search and is responsible with his team for the electrical engineering, automation and electronics sectors. He boasts over ten years of operational management experience as a commercial managing director and sales manager in his industries.