What is a psychometric test and what is it used for?

When performing an assessment center for the client, headhunters or executive search professionals very often use psychometric testing, in order to assess the ability, aptitude and personality of the candidate, his general and particular skills, capability and accumen.

In addition to the interview – and not solely – the result of the psychometric testing can be used in order to display a more comprehensive picture of the candidate in regard to numerical, verbal, non-verbal and logical reasoning. Very often employers are interested in knowing leadership and sales qualities.

So the psychometric test is a valuable tool, but not the only one for decision making when selecting the right candidate and presenting him to the client.

By Klaus Mayerhanser

Executive Search Consultant for Telecommunications, IT & Consumer Electronics

Klaus Mayerhanser is a founding partner and Managing Director of DELTACON Executive Search. With his team, he is responsible for the telecommunications, information technology and consumer electronics sectors and heads our office in Munich. In addition to his Executive Search Consulting activities, he has ten years of operational management experience in sales and marketing functions within the ICT industry.