How important is the promotion of diversity, inclusion and anti-racism in companies?

Gender roles, discrimination or stereotypes no longer have a place in a modern working world. Many companies have recognised this and make sure that their workforce consists of employees from different backgrounds, genders, ages and abilities. This not only promotes creative diversity within a company, but also contributes to better understanding and more respectful cooperation. For example, 70% of all disabilities or chronic illnesses are invisible, which means that the term “accessibility” means much more than the ramp for wheelchair users, but can refer to many aspects of the professional environment. To be credible, a diversity-oriented HR policy must include all levels of the organisation. This applies not only to subordinate positions, but also to the management level. We search for managers for you on the basis of qualifications and skills alone.

By Daniel Frankenberg

Executive Search Consultant for consumer goods / FMCG (non food), retail, outdoor & lifestyle, packaging materials

As Director Executive Search, Daniel Frankenberg is responsible for the sectors consumer goods / FMCG (non food), retail, outdoor & lifestyle and packaging throughout Europe from his office in Berlin. Daniel Frankenberg has more than 20 years of operational top management experience in purchasing, sales and marketing functions within the consumer goods industry and retail.