How does DELTACON ensure the ideal fit as well as the cultural fit of a candidate to the corporate culture?

The company, group and personal value systems are used to determine the value systems or the respective value levels of the candidate and the company. Also in the Cultural Fit complementary and sublementary features are included in the consideration. We also ensure an ideal cultural fit by creating a psychometric strength profile. In this, the professional interests, his passion and motivation are made transparent and evaluated by comparing the target profile with the actual profile.

By Klaus Mayerhanser

Executive Search Consultant for Telecommunications, IT & Consumer Electronics

Klaus Mayerhanser is a founding partner and Managing Director of DELTACON Executive Search. With his team, he is responsible for the telecommunications, information technology and consumer electronics sectors and heads our office in Munich. In addition to his Executive Search Consulting activities, he has ten years of operational management experience in sales and marketing functions within the ICT industry.