Psychometric Profiling

Psychometric Profiling


Would it not be exciting if you only find the top candidates in your search for executives only, who - besides the professional qualification - also offer the proper personality profile that fits in with your culture and your value system, and who share your corporate vision? Who are comfortable at your company and bring your company forward with joy and motivation?

What do we understand by psychometric profiling? We create a psychometric requirement profile tailored to your vacancy and corporate culture and match it with the candidate profiles. The result does not measure “good” or “bad” but “fits” or “does not fit” and is based on scientifically developed tools and methods


DELTACON Profiling - the tool for securing your personnel decisions

Why profiling ?

Safety through transparency !

What do we measure ?

What do we use for measuring ?

Top candidate characteristics

Why profiling ?

Our methodological competence enables us to secure essential personnel decisions and reduce the risk of erroneous hiring at our clients, with the associated follow-up costs of low performers or turnover. In addition, we identify the TOP performers and measure the cultural fit both in the team and in the overall organization


Safety through transparency !

Before profiling, we develop the requirements of the job on the candidates. The result shows: CAN the candidate meet the requirements? HOW will the candidate perform the job? DOES the candidate want the job? Do the candidate and the job MATCH?

Profiling Pyramide

What do we measure ?

Our profiling consists of three parts: cognitive skills, behavioral traits such as leadership and management skills, and the candidate's professional interests - what are the passions and strengths? As a result, we get the perfect job match by comparing the target profile with the actual profile and thereby securing operational excellence. The requirements profile for the profiling is agreed in advance with the clients. In addition, we evaluate the respective value systems based on company value systems, group value systems, and personal value systems to ensure the best possible cultural fit.

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What do we use for measuring ?

With our “PURE” diagnostic concept, we measure the degree of correspondence between the agreed candidate profile of our clients and the profiles of our candidates. We intensively examine the candidates' documents and use state-of-the-art diagnostic tools: Profiles XT, cultural due diligence, and reference evaluation - we use them to analyze thought patterns, leadership and management competencies, norms, and value systems as well as main interests and motives of our candidates.


Top candidate characteristics !

With our psychometric profiling, we identify the characteristics that make up a TOP candidate: Knowledge & resources, adequate mental abilities, appropriate personal motivation, and the ideal personal behavioral characteristics regarding leadership, sales and management skills. Our clients get top candidates with a perfect match of the motivational and value-oriented candidate profile to their corporate culture.

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Further advantages of psychometric profiling for our clients

Sales team analysis: By analyzing the “DNA profile” of the 10 TOP performers of our clients (anonymized), we can evaluate the success characteristics of the best, so that only top salespeople will be hired in the future. In addition, further training measures for the mid-performer can be derived from the results

Coaching: ABased on the strengths and weaknesses profile, new employees can be specifically promoted and further developed through individual training measures

Personal fit: By matching the candidates' psychometric requirement profiles and the line manager's profile, we achieve an ideal fit. Of course, this also applies to a larger management team, considering complementary or supplementary characteristics

Onboarding: Based on the psychometric profile, we as external consultants can raise the client's awareness of where the corporate culture, as well as the candidate's profile, can be reconciled as part of the onboarding process.

Executive coaching: Based on our profiling, we offer to accompany the executives of our clients in the context of repositioning, career development, and outplacement

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