Why is coaching an optimal format of leadership development?

Why is coaching an optimal format of leadership development?

The challenges of the future are multifaceted, as the external conditions have become volatile due to their rapid change dynamics. As a result, we face different challenges than a few years ago, when leaders and executives distinguished themselves through their expertise. Today, companies require leaders and executives who can create meaning and develop their employees in order to successfully shape necessary transformations. High-level executives clearly communicate their leadership position and take responsibility for their own decisions. They lead their employees with enthusiasm and are able to inspire and motivate others through their own vision and attitude. An executive who knows how to act with strong leadership skills creates the necessary conditions for a self-determined and effective work environment.

More and more companies are recognizing the added value of coaching and promoting their managers and teams accordingly. Coaching is a highly efficient instrument of personal development, which allows individual, targeted, professional competence enhancement, thus enabling sustainable learning. Executives acknowledge coaching as an inspirational support to expand their ability to act and positively influence and shape the culture of communication in the company.

The aspect of employee loyalty also plays an important role here. Professionally practiced leadership impacts employees motivation and has a positive effect on the company's success. On the other hand, leadership weaknesses affect company performance badly.

New leaders rarely receive targeted preparation for their role. Even later, an open exchange with colleagues and supervisors on difficult leadership issues is usually difficult or undesirable. It therefore makes sense to support leaders at an early stage through external coaching, to reflect on their own role, possible development areas and dealing with specific requirements. But even for experienced executives, coaching can be the opportunity to receive support in a protected environment.



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