How does DELTACON find the right candidates for your mandate?

How does DELTACON find the right candidates for your mandate?

At the beginning we invest a lot of time in a detailed analysis of the customer's wishes, requirements and the company. Only with help of the most comprehensive key data and information possible and a clear definition of objectives can the staffing process be successful. Together with our client, we work out a detailed description of the position including job description, candidate profile and general conditions. A joint target company list is also agreed upon, which also represents an important basis for the subsequent search for candidates.

The next step is to identify the candidates with the purpose of generating a so-called "longlist" of candidates. Various instruments are used in the identification process. In addition to the classic search in various career portals, the consultant's industry network plays a very critical role. Great importance is also given to the "direct search approach", because experience shows that more than 80% of suitable candidates are not actively looking for a new challenge.

In phase three the candidates are intensively examined. Here DELTACON goes far beyond the classic CV and certificate tests. By means of multi-stage interviews and various instruments of psychometric profiling we achieve an objective assessment of the candidates with regards to the set requirements. We also pay attention to an ideal cultural fit in order to guarantee an optimum fit of the candidate to the corporate culture. The result of these extensive analyses then forms the "shortlist", which then contains the 3-6 most suitable candidates. These are presented to the client with corresponding evaluations and recommendations.
The key points of the fourth and final phase are the candidate interviews at the client's premises, which can be accompanied and supported by DELTACON. At the end of these interviews, the client is able to conclude a final contract with one of the candidates.


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