Executive Search & Recruiting for Automotive, Industrial/Off Highway

Executive Search & Recruiting for Automotive, Industrial/Off Highway

Location Friedrichshafen

Top level executive search & recruiting with passion - we find the "top performers" in the industry for your company. DELTACON is your ideal partner for the Automotive, Industrial/ Off-highway in the whole of Europe. Digitization, Industry 4.0, IoT, AI…… the change has already begun long time ago as well as in the Automotive, Industrial/Off-highway industry. We are not talking about evolution, but revolution. Exactly herewith each company needs the "High Potentials" in order to meet the requirements of the rapid changes. In particular, new drive technologies, autonomous driver-less driving and ever shorter innovation cycles pose major challenges for the industry. In such an environment, only the best of the best ensure the ongoing sustainable success of your company.

We are your top recruitment partner in the Automotive, Industrial/Off-highway sectors

Our wide and deep industry experience in these sectors guarantees you a holistic, sound advice, as well as a fast and successful occupation of your vacancies. Thanks to our many years of operational management experience in the areas of automotive, industrial, construction, mining, rail, marine and power generation, where we created a mature network with decision-makers and top-talents, which eases a quick and direct contact, as well as talks with candidates on eye level for top positions. We know the industry, the products and the market mechanisms, as well as the essential requirements and management skills of the optimal candidates through our own long-term operational management experience at all levels. Through this holistic understanding we are able to advise and support our clients optimally. We know exactly where to find the best candidates of the specific industry sector, how to contact them and to generate enthusiasm for new challenges.

The "war for talent" has become the most important competitive factor and requires specialised support by experienced consultants (headhunters) at the highest expert level. Only by means of professional direct search methods „The Best“ can be identified and inspired.


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In the following sectors we are your competent and strong partner:


Automotive, truck, bus - manufacturers, suppliers, service providers

Industrial – OFF Highway

Construction equipment:
excavators, wheel loaders, backhoes, excavators, flat loading bead, drills, tipper, low-loader, heavy-duty transporter, concrete mixers, concrete pumps, cranes, mobile cranes, telehandlers, Asphalt Concrete Paver, rollers, milling, compressors, trash compactors, shredder, etc.

Agriculture and Forestry:
tractors, combine harvesters, forage, feed mixers, beet harvesters, potato harvesters etc.

Railway industry:
locomotives, railcars, wagon construction, high-speed trains

Oil &Gas Exploration:
drilling equipment, pumps

wheel loaders, excavators

commercial ships, ferries, freighters, Yachts

Power Generation:
plants of all kinds mobile, stationary

Snow removal equipment of all kinds