Executive Search for Mobility, eCommerce and Professional Services

Executive Search for „Mobility, eCommerce and Professional Services“

As an experienced HR consultant and successful manager with over 20 years of experience in HR, 15 years in global leadership positions in well-known, market-leading companies in the areas of Mobility, eCommerce and Professional Services, we build on our high level of expertise and industry experience in our field. Thanks to our market understanding, we are knowledgeable about industry-specific requirements of our customers and their competitors. Our experience and industry knowledge allows us to identify the right candidates with the help of our Direct Search approach. We target the best candidates and make them become excited about the new job opportunity.


HR Consultant Nicole Jacobsson

DELTACON Executive Search und Consulting GmbH supports with Direct Search solutions managing demanding mandates in the field of General Management and in the functional areas of Strategy & Business Development, Sales & Marketing, Product Management, Engineering & Technology, Purchasing & Supply Chain, Production, Finance and Human Resources. We support our clients in filling Management positions, however, we also help them to find scarce specialists. DELTACON Executive Search und Consulting GmbH operates internationally, mainly in the D-A-CH and Nordics regions. We work according to a holistic approach with the highest quality standards, by comprehensively evaluating the specific requirements of our client both in terms of the position and the corporate cultural. We clarify how the position fits into the organizational design, optimize the position description if needed and present suitable candidates with a short lead-time applying our Direct Search approach and using our extensive network and database. We also offer qualified onboarding solutions after having successfully filled a position.

DELTACON Executive Search and Consulting GmbH stands for industry expertise, a high degree of methodological competence, a guarantee in terms of accuracy and speed in the presentation of candidates as well as a performance-based remuneration.

Industry expertise

DELTACON Executive Search & Consulting GmbH is headed by Nicole Jacobsson and specializes in the Automotive, Aerospace & Aviation, Transportation/Rail and Mobility sectors as well as in eCommerce/Internet retail and Professional Services industries. The focus is on customers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and we have already successfully worked for our customers in the Scandinavian countries, Hungary, Poland and Italy. Nicole Jacobsson's industry expertise is the result of more than 20 years of experience in exposed management positions in Human Resources and the associated market expertise, functional and operational recruiting experience within these industries and a deep understanding of the specific challenges facing our customers.

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Direct Search

Our experience shows that we reach a maximum of 20% of potential candidates through passive candidate search by job advertisements. No less than 80% of all top candidates must be identified via Direct Search, targeted and personally approached by our competent HR consultants in order to inspire them to change job. Each direct search depends on the specific customer needs. We find the best candidates by creating a jointly defined list of target companies, identifying potential candidates through a targeted search, providing competent initial contact by our HR consultants and carrying out competence-based interviews and qualified diagnostics. In this way, we find the best candidates.


Methodological competence

After an intensive examination of the candidates' documents, we validate the degree of conformity of the candidate with the job profile based on our diagnostic concept "PURE". This results in the application of state-of-the-art diagnostic tools such as Profiles XT, Cultural Due Diligence and a subsequent reference evaluation carried out by the HR consultant personally, who evaluates the leadership and management competencies, value systems and the operational capabilities of our candidates.

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We guarantee that all accepted mandates will be fulfilled. We search until the candidate is found, with over 90% of the open positions being filled within the agreed time of 6-8 weeks. In the rare event that a recruited candidate would leave the client's company within the probationary period of his/her own free will, the search is repeated once without charging an additional fee. In addition, it goes without saying that our customers can be confident that their employees are protected by our Don't touch warranty.


Performance-based remuneration

We work result-oriented and 2/3 of our remuneration depends on our success. After the order is signed by our customers, a first payment of 1/3 of the fee is due, which will kick off the search. A second instalment is to be paid once the shortlist candidates have been reviewed and candidates are invited to a first interview by our client. This is the time when our performance is confirmed. The last instalment will be paid only after the candidate has signed an employment contract.

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HR Consultant Nicole Jacobsson
+49 30 805 88621

Partner of the DELTACON Group and Managing Director of DELTACON Executive Search & Consulting GmbH in Berlin. She has worked in Human Resources and as a lawyer for more than 20 years, with 15 years in management positions and for more than 10 years as a consultant and coach in the field of Human Resources Management in the Mobility, eCommerce and Professional Services sectors.

Our industry sectors at a glance

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Professional Service

We are your reliable partner in the following sectors:

Automotive: Automotive Manufacturers, Supplier Industry, Engineering & Production Services

Aviation: Aircraft & Engine Manufacturers, Supplier Industry, Airports, Airlines

Transport & Rail: Rail vehicle manufacturers and suppliers, Transport & Bus companies, Car Rental Companies, Electric Mobility, Car sharing

eCommerce: Online Retail in the area of Life Style, Fashion, Living, Travel, Entertainment

Professional Service: Professional Associations, Management Consultancy, Law firms, Auditing companies

What our customers say


“From a personal and professional perspective, I have very much enjoyed working with Nicole given her intercultural awareness and international experience in the HR domain.”

Stefan Zimmermann - Managing Director / Chairman of Boards at Collins Aerospace / Goodrich Lighting Systems GmbH

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